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White money plots

White money plots

Money has a very strong influence on people. So that the dream of financial success does not turn into a delusion, use strong white conspiracies that effectively help you program yourself to achieve monetary well-being.

Since ancient times, people have been looking for methods to attract wealth. However, the best way at all times is your own efforts. The belief that you are able to achieve your goal, supported by magical ritual, can work wonders.

Method One: Distribute Money Unselfishly

Universe laws are simple and clear. If you do not have greed, and the desire to help others is supported only by your belief that you are doing a good thing, the Universe will necessarily respond to your call for help. For this white plot you will need:

Draw a circle on a sheet of paper, draw it into several sectors. In each, enter the institution or person you want to help. Light a candle and place it in the center of your circle. Spell the words of the plot, putting the coins into sectors:

“I give help disinterested, with all my heart and with the soul. I wish to help (read the written) not for recognition, not for fame and honor. It is easy to part with money, I believe in the best.

Easy gone — easy come, reward will be rewarded. «

Repeat this with all sectors, blow out the candle and say: «Let it be so!»

After your financial opportunities become wider, do not be greedy and send a certain amount of at least one position written.

Method two: use the forces of nature

The pattern of repetitive natural cycles since ancient times has been used to attract happiness. Nature is always generous and pays good for good. Our first parents often attracted prosperity with a simple but effective white conspiracy.

To help nature, learn to respect it in all its forms. Stop scattering garbage, do not break or tear the plants for no particular reason, pay attention to all living things generated by it.

The words of a white money plot are worth reading when planting. These can be flowers on the local area, bushes, trees — all that you have enough imagination. Put a coin in each hole before planting and say:

«Mother Nature, your powerlimitless helpboundless I help you, as I can, your laws shore. I return the lost, fading beauty I renew. Everything that enters life with wild growth, blooms with beautiful flowers, grows under the warm Sun, good luck and wealth will bring me.

Money, like fruits on the branches,in my wallet, not in words. «

Each plant you planted will soon help you to achieve enrichment from completely different sources. Do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of these gifts.

Method three: use the power of the elements

For this white plot you will need:

Hold one coin over the fire, hold the second for a while in the water, sprinkle the third with earth, and place the fourth near the open window. Then collect the coins in your palm and let them feel your warmth. Put them on the floor within walking distance of each other. With bare feet, step from coin to coin, asking the power of the elements to support your desire to get rich:

“Coins from the elements, blown by the wind, burned by the sun, sprouted from the ground, washed in water. On them I go to my happiness step by step. Each will return to me with a pendant, but not easy, but from gold and silver.

I will not betray my faith, my strength is great. Let it be as she said. ”

Use these proven methods to improve your financial situation. However, do not forget that your efforts should not end where magic stops working. Learn to see the signs of Fate, and you will surely achieve powerful financial flows in the near future. We wish you good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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