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White magic: conspiracy to love

White magic: conspiracy to love

When white magic is used to attract love. How to apply it correctly and why it becomes effective. Plot «Cloud».

From time to time in most people’s lives there are situations when one has to resort to ancient rituals in order to achieve or strengthen personal happiness. At the same time, the rites of white magic are not considered as dangerous as dark love spells, after which the most unpredictable consequences can occur. They are used when young people want to find a soul mate or make a more passionate relationship in an already established family.

How to concentrate positive energy

Psychics believe that most people are endowed with a stock of bright bio-energy, which in its essence is a strong creative moment. If you send it in a single stream in the direction of the desired object, then the possible return may occur very soon.

To do this, you need to carry out a simple but effective magical exercise. It looks like this. On a sunny day, sit in front of the window on a chair, facing the sun. Then close your eyes and imagine in front of you the person you like.

Try to cause the maximum inflow of positive emotions and mentally say: “We will be together! I believe!»

After meditation, which may take quite a bit of time, you will most likely feel a surge of strength and hope for happiness. This means that the concentration of positive bioflow was performed correctly. Now, when meeting with your subject of passion, your chances of attracting his attention will be much higher.

In the case when the wife wants to apply white magic in relation to her spouse, you need to take a pin and speak it with the words: “Wear it always, don’t lose your favorite (name) never forget your wife!” which is most often at work puts on her husband.

Plot «Cloud»

Since ancient times, we have reached the conspiracy of white magic to attract love with a very romantic name. It should be performed when a person is confident in his feelings and wants to awaken the same in the heart of another.

During the plot, you need to choose a place where any part of the sky will be accessible for viewing. Then bring your thoughts to rest and ask the angels.

Here is the text of the appeal: “I ask the angels of heaven to make my feelings and aspirations a cloud, so that it shows the way for the person I dream of meeting. I ask the power of the Lord to pour rain from the cloud. (name) so that the water would command him to desire me and call me to meet me. Let my love fly to my love as quickly as a cloud flies across the sky.

And may the angels guard it as they guard the cloud. Amen».

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