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Whispers and plots for a good start to the year

Whispers and plots for a good start to the year

In order to enlist the support of the Higher Forces and to attract luck in the New Year, many use special whispers and plots.

New Year is always a joyful and exciting event. Almost everyone associates it with new opportunities and the fulfillment of cherished desires. For luck to be on your side, it is not enough to look at the information in the zodiac horoscope and find out what awaits you.

It is important to take concrete steps that will bring you closer to your goals.

Many people think that whispers or conspiracies also work like a magic wand, and you just need to speak them once to make it come true. In fact, such rituals help remove all obstacles in your path and create the necessary situations. Speaking figuratively, then Fate will give you a chance, but you need to reach out and take the gift yourself.

Whispers on a good start to the year

As a rule, such words are pronounced in a whisper. The main thing — to have time to repeat them at the right time. Whispers for a good start of the year are best to be pronounced during noisy feasts or joyful events, that is, at times when you feel an emotional lift and happiness.

This is the right time to make a wish and say the cherished words.

  • I raise a glass of happiness and attract good luck.
  • New Year’s success and joy brings me.
  • I bless all friends, and I attract good luck to myself.
  • Good luck, happiness and success in the new year will bestow on everyone.

Plot for a good start to the year

Unlike whispers, conspiracies must be conducted in solitude so that no one can disturb or distract you. Otherwise, nothing will work.

In order for the New Year’s plot to start in full force, it is necessary to consult the lunar calendar and choose the most auspicious day. At this time, the strongest connection of man with the Universe is established, and your request will immediately begin to materialize.

You will need a red candle and a mascot of the year. They can be any figure of the Fire Rooster or everything connected with it, as well as a regular white thread 15 cm long.

Light a candle and read “Our Father» three times. Then take the talisman in your right hand and the left thread. Look at the burning flame and say the following phrase: “I call the forces of heaven to help you.

I beg for indulgence and mercy. Give me luck this year in any business. Protect from troubles and envious.

Draw abundance and happiness to my home. Amen.«

Next, set aside the figure of the Rooster and start winding the thread on the index finger of your left hand. During this process, whisper three times: «Good luck and success on my side. How to thread a thread, so I attract good luck«.

After that, go to bed, and in the morning, first of all, bury the thread in the street. If the ground is difficult to reach, you can put it in a snowdrift. Leave a talisman at home in a secluded place, and when you need support, just hold it in your hands and ask for help.

The candle can be extinguished immediately after the ritual.

All of the above methods help to attract luck to your side, but do not forget to draw up a plan of action and move towards your goal. Only in this way will your desires be fulfilled. You also need to remember about the correct wording of the request, because it affects the speed of its implementation. Think positive, love yourself and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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