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We attract luck and money: a strong conspiracy on the bay leaf

We attract luck and money: a strong conspiracy on the bay leaf

Laurel is considered a plant with magical properties. Its power is used to attract health, good luck and monetary well-being.

Many plants have amazing power. Laurel is no exception. In ancient times, with the help of its leaves attracted luck. Now Lavr is used to improve the taste of dishes, not knowing what kind of power lies in this seemingly inconspicuous plant.

Each person can involve in his life well-being and prosperity by performing simple and effective rituals with a bay leaf.

Attracting good luck

Capricious Fortune loves courageous and self-confident people, therefore it is necessary to firmly believe in the success of all their undertakings. The rite should be performed during the rising of the moon. In the evening, you need to light a white candle and write a good luck wish on paper.

This may concern career growth, passing important exams or a big deal. Write your dream in the center of the sheet and wax it so that the words are enclosed in a circle. Put a large bay leaf on top without damage and say:

“I attract the luck of the winner, I attach the bay leaf. My dreams will come true, luck will smile, my face will turn. I will seal the words with wax and hide it in a secluded place. As I said, so it will be fulfilled. ”

Say out loud the words written on the paper and blow out the candle. In the dark roll the sheet so that the bay leaf is not lost. Carry the envelope with you and do not forget to repeat your desire mentally until the mystery comes true.

Ritual for health promotion

Enhancing immunity and improving well-being is what can be achieved with the help of laurel. The leaves are laid out under the mattresses at the head of each family member with wishes for good health during the Full Moon or in the last phase of the growing Moon. Every month they are replaced by new ones.

Old leaves should be burned, as they absorb all the negative energy. To protect the whole house, you should lay out the leaves in each room and say the following:

“Laurel sheets are laid out, I ask them for protection. They soak up all the sickness, they will add health to us. Good dreams and vigor will add «

Each month, these leaves are burned along with those that are under the mattresses, and replaced with new ones.

Monetary well-being

To attract financial success with the help of bay leaves is not difficult. To do this, select seven large sheets with long legs and tie them up with a thick red thread. At one of the ends, attach a symbol denoting money.

It can be a coin with a hole, a banknote, or a photograph of money or precious metals and stones. A kind of amulet hangs over the door with the words:

“I will tie the sheets with a red thread, show them the money and leave with them. They will recognize them and the riches will indicate the way to my house. ”

A month later, the sheets are removed and distributed to the places where the money is stored. Tie the last sheet of thread on which it was hanging and put it in your wallet to attract financial well-being.


A simple ritual opens up cash flows and contributes to rapid enrichment. The bank in turn formed coins. Each is followed by a comment on where the money will come from.

For example, the first coin — I will find money under a bush, the second — I will receive it as a gift, the third one — I will easily earn it, and so on. After each coin, a bay leaf is placed in the jar. The piggy bank is tightly closed with a lid and shaken with the words:

“I’m not going to put poverty on the threshold, I won’t miss the benefits. Bay leaves will save money and increase. My piggy bank will be filled with ringing coins and my wallet with new bills. ”

Piggy bank is placed in a secluded place. Each time, when the money will come in the ways that have been stipulated, it should be added to the coin and thank for help.

Wishes made with sincere faith will surely come true. A positive attitude and faith in a miracle will allow you to achieve your goals and bring good luck to your side. We wish you good health and prosperity, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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