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Trinity: conspiracies and rites for wealth and happiness

Trinity: conspiracies and rites for wealth and happiness

On a holiday, May 27, you can bring good luck and prosperity to life with the help of ancient rites. Our ancestors skillfully interacted with the forces of nature, and knew how to make sure that there was no place for negatives and misfortunes in their lives.

Conspiracies and rituals can be performed on any given day, but during major holidays such as Trinity, the chances of success increase. A colossal surge of energy can be used for your own benefit if you know exactly which words and actions will bring success to life. Use proven methods to ensure that there is no place for poverty in your life.

Ritual to attract wealth

On the day of Trinity, it is necessary to approach the young birch, to clasp the trunk with your hands and focus on your desire. Imagine your wealth, what you spend it on and how you use it. Remember that money cannot be used for profit. Say the plot words:

“Earth mother raised a birch, drink, feed. Her strength will be given to me, wealth will turn around. How many sheets on a tree have grown, so many will come to my wallet. ”

Tear off three leaves, put one in the wallet, the second in the place where you keep the money, and the third hide behind the icon. Soon you will forget about the need.

Conspiracy to get rid of debt

A prayer is read in the morning when visiting a church or in front of a home iconostasis on an empty stomach:

“The church has no need for money, it does not measure life with values, but with merit. So I will have enough money for good deeds, necessary things. I will generously share money, do not spend on evil, only on good to sacrifice.


From the first money received, be sure to make a donation with the best intentions, as promised.

Money plot

On the day of the holiday, stand up and wash with cold water. Do not wipe the drops and let them dry or drain on the floor. Speak:

“How many drops fell, so much evil disappeared. Drops to the bottom, I’ll take out the evil from the house. ”

Rag must be thrown away from home. After throwing, say:

“On a white day I walk, I look around, I see a lot of miracles, but I don’t find any money. I wash my eyes with holy water, I will open my eyes. ”

Wash your home with holy water, saying:

“Holy water, give me a wash, remove sorrow from me, give insight. I want to see the money and the paths to it straight. ”

Soon you will have many opportunities to improve your financial situation.

Ritual to attract happiness

Happiness in life is determined for each independently. Conduct the ceremony, focusing on what you most want. In the morning, when the sun’s rays only appear from beyond the horizon, say:

“I get up hopefully, I look at the world with a smile. How much happiness is measured, and so much will arrive, how much evil is said, it will pass by me. ”

Be sure to spend the day in a good mood. Give up quarrels and swear words, help those who need your care. So you can bring to life happiness and prosperity.

A conspiracy to bring happiness and prosperity to life

Everyone wants to get rid of negativity and failure. On the day of the Trinity, the Orthodox prayer will help you, turned to the home icon of the Mother of God:

“Mother Mother of God, have mercy. Send to me, a slave to a sinner (name), my forgiveness and blessing. Reject from me care and row, do not let the abyss among jealous and cusses, banish from the life of my pride. Let me enjoy great happiness and humility.


Prayer can be read in the church, holding a lit candle in his hand.

Each of these rites perform in complete harmony with each other. Do not allow sadness and gloom, look at your life with a positive and be sure to overcome obstacles in your path. Observe church and folk customs on this bright day. We wish you good luck and success in all your endeavors, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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