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Three useful conspiracy on the usual needle: attracting love, money, luck

Three useful conspiracy on the usual needle: attracting love, money, luck

Often, the needle is used in the pads-pads. But it can also be a great way to attract love and money. We will give you an example of the best and most effective ceremonies with an ordinary sewing needle.

Attracting money and well-being

To carry out a money ritual with a needle, you will need your wallet, a banknote and a thin needle. It is advisable to carry out the ritual during the growing Moon, so that it acts faster and stronger. But in during another phase of the moon it will also be effective.

The most important thing is that no one knows that you have taken on this action.

The ritual is quite simple: with an empty needle (without a thread), as it were, “sew” all four corners of the banknote to your wallet. Speak the following plot:

I sew money into my wallet: I will not let my wealth go anywhere. So that every day it will grow stronger and bring good to the house ahead of everything. My word firmly, like steel, now execute!

Let it be so.

After carrying out this ritual, do not pay with this banknote for seven days, and carefully insert the needle into your clothes so as not to get hurt and not lose it. After this period, it will be possible to take it out and, if desired, try other monetary rituals, for example, plots on the wallet.

The ritual to attract love with a needle

For the ritual you need a needle, two small and preferably absolutely identical sheets of paper and at least one petal of a pink or red flower. It can be a petal of a peony, a rose or a dogrose. Best of all, your sheets are wide enough.

Also prepare a string (pink or red) and some wine. Accordingly, prepare a glass in which it can be poured. It will take something writing: a pencil, pen or marker.

You can use two colors — pink and blue.

Carry out this ritual all alone, even at night by candlelight, but then in advance, thread the needle and make the lighting so that you can see how you sew. Disinfect the needle (wipe with a cotton swab with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide). Wash also the petal of the flower that you have chosen. Sit in the room and think about love, prepare yourself morally for the ritual.

Select a pre-suitable lunar day.

Take pieces of paper and draw on them clearly in the center of the heart so that when you put the paper one on top of the other, they coincide. If you have a loved one, then write the names: on one piece of paper — your own, on the other — your passion. You can write a male name in blue, and a female name in pink (you can do the same with hearts).

Thread the needle into the needle. To enhance the effect, you can slightly pierce your finger and put it on the needle with blood.

Now take a flower petal, dip it in a glass of wine three times and do not shake off the drops. Grasp your needle with a petal and so three times pass it through it right along with the thread. Say the words:

I will enchant and conjure so that love will come to me. Let it be sweet and pleasant, like wine, delicate, like a flower, lush, like blood in a young body, and let us become inseparable, like those sewn to each other. As I drink wine, so the plot will affect both the betrothed and me. The key, the lock — my word will be fulfilled in time.

Let it be so.

To complete the plot, sew in the center the superimposed inscriptions / drawings inside the paper and sew in them the flower petal. Drink all the wine from the glass and put the stitched sheets under the pillow. Keep them until your wish comes true.

How to attract good luck with the help of a needle

To begin, the needle must be charged with the energy of luck. Thrice clean it on your blouse or dip it in water and place it on the window sill for a day so that it absorbs the good luck that has been given by the Sun. To keep it from being lost, stick it into a cloth or needle bed. Before you leave her, say the following plot:

Sunlight will bring me luck and happiness, and will relieve from troubles and problems. Let a ray of sunshine, like a thread, fall into a needle in an ear and give the needle good luck. Let it be so.

The plot must be repeated seven times.

After your needle is charged with the energy of the sun, spend the second part of the ritual. It is desirable that it was a sunny day, and if possible you spent it in the fresh air. Attach it to the crown and start to drive from left to right, constantly turning back. Do this by pronouncing the words of a good luck plot:

I sew, I will call my luck, I will attach to myself.

Then do the same, repeating the text, leading the needle alternately through the forehead, under the neck, on the chest, in the abdomen and in the pubic bone area.

After you pinch all the places with a needle, say pinning your plot:

Sun ray sewn, good luck invited. My word is firmly like a stone, firmly like steel, closed with a lock, firmly sewn. The sun and sky, hear me, will be according to my word from that day.

You can use the needle, as usual, but see that she does not go into the hands of another hostess. If this happens, the ritual will need to be done again.

In addition to this plot for good luck, you can back up your magical rite with advice from the psychic Elena Yasevich. Best wishes to you, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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