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Three strong conspiracy for luck and good luck

Three strong conspiracy for luck and good luck

We all dream of happiness, unaware that it is not so difficult to achieve. With the help of effective conspiracies, you will be able to draw luck to yourself and become a happy and successful person.

In the modern world, conspiracies, rituals and rituals of luck are not taken seriously, and in vain. Skepticism in this case is a consequence of the fact that people have forgotten how to believe that everything is possible. We ourselves are pushing away from ourselves the opportunity to get well-being and happiness, while our ancestors were sure that to attract good luck, love and prosperity can be due to the power of the word.

Quick plots of luck and happiness

The main assistant in matters aimed at attracting capricious fortune and prosperity, is exclusively white magic. Such conspiracies can be used independently, without resorting to the help of third parties and without fear of negative consequences. If you are determined to bring happiness to yourself, read the following conspiracy (say the words to yourself):

«Save me from evil, bring good luck to me, protect me, bring happiness.»

If it is necessary to attract good luck at the right moment, then before an important matter, read the following words in a half-whisper:

«Good luck to me, bad luck from me.»

In cases where you need money luck, it can be attracted through money. Most often, it is the material reward that gives us happiness. Find three different bills (the greater their denomination, the more you will attract happiness) and put them outside your own house, whispering:

«Happiness fortunately, success to success, money to money, beyond the threshold and into your pocket.»

A conspiracy for luck and getting rid of problems

This is a conspiracy that will help not only to return good luck, but also to stop the trouble. Take a small container (saucer or shallow dish), pour salt in the bottom (it is better if it is Thursday salt). Sprinkle sugar over it, and the last layer should be rice or semolina. Now you need a powerful charm from all ills — a pin.

It should be stuck with a tip in this hill and left in this position for the whole night. In the morning, as you wake up, pin a pin to your clothes and read the plot:

“I will wake up with the Sun, I will be charged with good luck from it. Sunlight — happiness source, good luck flow. Sunny, shine a long time, turn away the grief and evil from me! ”

The pin must be worn without removing, or worn occasionally. For example, when you need one hundred percent luck or you feel an urgent need for happiness.

A strong ritual of luck and happiness

To become happy and bring good luck to yourself, you need to believe in yourself. No matter how many rituals and rituals and conspiracies are used to attract happiness, without believing in your future success, they can be considered ineffectual. It is not important how often you try to attract luck, but how strongly you believe that everything will work out.

For the ritual you will need three keys from three different locks and a red thread. Red color — a symbol of good luck and abundance. Thread the thread through each key, tighten the tight knot and read the plot:

“All that is mine will not leave me. All I want to happen to me. All that I dream about, I attract to myself.

I lock the three locks; I throw the keys into the sea. ”

After that, the keys must be hidden in a secluded place, preferably under the bed at the head of the pillow or under the pillow on which you sleep.

Happiness and luck — concepts stretchable, but inseparably related. Without them, it is difficult for us to enjoy life. So that they are your constant companions, use the proposed conspiracies, because this is an ancient way that has always helped people change their lives for the better.

We wish you the embodiment of all hopes. be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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