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Three strong conspiracy for luck

Three strong conspiracy for luck

We all dream of becoming happy, and sometimes it is not so difficult. With the help of strong conspiracies you will attract good luck and prosperity and change your life for the better.

When we talk about happiness, we imagine a life in which there is no place for problems, anxieties and financial difficulties. Many people think that this dream is not feasible, but if, in addition to the effort, you take advantage of strong conspiracies, then soon every day will be successful for you. The experts at the site dailyhoro.ru have selected effective rituals for you, with the help of which you will soon be able to become happy.

Effective conspiracy for luck and good luck

In order to attract luck and become happy, you must believe in yourself and your strength, then your efforts will not be fruitless. With the help of a strong conspiracy to achieve the desired will be much easier.

For the ritual, take the three keys and thread. It is desirable that the thread was red, because it is this color that attracts good luck and symbolizes happiness. After that, string the keys on a string and at the same time say:

“I want to get everything I want to get and lock it with a key. All that I desire, I will receive, whatever I want, will be mine. My words are strong, as is my desire. «

After that hide the keys from the eyes of others, preferably under the pillow on which you sleep. For the ritual, you need to use only your keys, since you will not achieve the desired effect from others.

Plot for luck with mirrors

It is believed that a mirror is not just an object in which we can see our reflection, but a tunnel connecting two worlds. People always gave mirrors a special meaning and often used them for various ceremonies. With the help of a strong conspiracy, you can make your life prosperous.

Mirrors can have both positive and negative energy, because they adopt it from people and their reflections. Therefore, for the ritual, get two new mirrors so that they take over only your energy. Place one of them in front of you and the other behind it.

Light a candle and place it so that it also reflects. Looking at the flame, say:

“I see the church majestic and its golden domes. I will enter it and pray to all the Saints. I will ask them for happiness, health, wealth. They will hear my words and send me everything I want.


Wait for the candle to burn out. Collect the wax from it and bury it near your house. The next day, go to church and buy some more candles there.

You will need them to repeat the ritual. Spend it every day for a week, and soon you will notice positive changes in your life.

Effective plot to bring happiness to privacy

Failures in personal life are one of the main causes of our misfortune. Every person wants to love and be loved, and when he fails, he feels lonely. If new acquaintances with the opposite sex fail or end in friendship, use a strong conspiracy to help you with this problem.

For the ritual you need to go to church. But before you go beyond the threshold, say:

“I will go to the temple, I will find my happiness. May the Higher Forces help me to meet the man I love. Yes, he will love me just as I love him.

We will become a strong family, an indestructible fortress. Let my wishes come true. «

During your entire trip to church, you must say these words three times. The first time — before leaving. The second is at the entrance to the temple. The third — after you go home.

This ritual is one of the most effective, and will soon help you to establish a personal life.

Happiness and luck are inseparable concepts. After all, without luck, you can not enjoy life. If you are a believer, then as often as possible, say strong prayers for good luck.

With their help, any business will be given to you easily. May your wishes always be fulfilled, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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