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Three major conspiracies for all occasions

Three major conspiracies for all occasions

Conspiracies have a powerful force, so they turn to them in different situations. Three major conspiracy will help achieve success, prosperity and happiness.

A conspiracy is a special way of influencing the human biofield, known since ancient times. Previously, with the help of the cherished words, people accomplished what they wanted. Not everyone could take on such a responsible matter: they approached him with caution, fearing to anger the higher forces.

The time has changed, but now the conspiracies have not lost their popularity and have retained their mighty power, so many people resort to them. The only thing to fear is reading errors. In this case, the conspiracy will have no effect, so be careful.

A conspiracy for good luck and prosperity

In order to succeed in everything, the plot should be read on a symbolic thing, and then keep it with you. The energy of success and money lives in harmony with the influence of the moon. Success will increase if you read the plot in the period of growth of the night star.

Take a saucer, put 3 tablespoons of salt on it, top three spoons of sugar and then the same amount of rice. It should make a small slide. Stick a pin, needle, bill or coin into its center. Read the plot words:

“With the help of the Universe, my wish will be fulfilled, in accordance with all laws and orders. The one who asks for help from the Higher Forces receives it. Success seeks me by winding paths, prosperity hurries after it.

The universe will help grab luck by the tail. Let it be so».

Leave the dish under the light of the moon all night. In the morning, take a plotted thing out of it and do not part with it, especially in difficult situations.

A conspiracy to love and finding happiness

Find love, attract happiness and prosperity, you can through conspiracy. Candle flame will enhance the effectiveness of words, and in the evening it will hide your personal happiness under the cover of darkness, so that no one can find and pick it up.

Holding the candle in your right hand, read the words on the flame and make circular movements with your hand:

“Lord God help me find what I have been looking for so long in my life path. I resort to such a strong way, because I want you to hear me for sure and help me to get love and well-being in life. May happiness shine in all love affairs, as this candle now illuminates everything around.

I pray to You, Most High, may I always receive what I desire. Not for the sake of self-interest, but for good. Amen».

Conspiracy to protect and assist in matters

The conspiracy will help protect your biological field from the negative, detractors, damage and gain intercession of the Higher Forces. The rite will be especially effective during the Full Moon period. Wait for the full moon, go to the window and, looking at the night light, say these words:

“Lord, save and save your servant (name) from every enemy, evil forces, bad intentions. Let evil bypass my house and my works, and the enemies fear me, just as the fire is afraid of water, but the devilof the cross. My words and your help will put a strong and indestructible protection against negativity and demonic intervention.

Oh, Almighty Creator of the whole world, I ask your intercession, help overcome all doubts, defeat all enemies and opponents in my deeds. Illumine my life with light and hide from the intrigues of enemies. Yes, all that is said will come true.


Love, success and security are all that is necessary for a happy life. Three powerful and completely harmless conspiracy will help you find what you want. Make your dreams possible with the help of prayers.

On fulfillment of desire, they usually pray to Nicholas the Wonderworker, the mediator between the Most High and the people. be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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