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Three best conspiracy on female sexuality

Three best conspiracy on female sexuality

A significant part of female power is in beauty and the ability to attract, like and cause desire in the strong half of humanity. The majority of women have long been eager for this, and conspiracies that have been tested by time and their predecessors can help.

Conspiracies, rituals and rites for female attractiveness have been around for a long time. For centuries, girls and women have resorted to them; it is not without reason that the myth about the irresistible, almost devilish charm of witches has been and remains so persistent. And it was not without reason that many well-known stories of women who did not possess natural beauty had surprisingly many admirers and imitators.

Conspiracies that enhance sexuality, act as a cross between a ritual for an attractive appearance and a love spell. Having decided to resort to their help, choose the one that suits you in your particular case in order not to be misled.

Plots of attractiveness for men

The first conspiracy will help to become more beautiful and attract male attention. He does not have a strong sexual attachment and is akin, rather, to the usual popular recipe of beauty — but acting at a bioenergy level.

In order to use it, get clean water. It is better to take it from the spring, the key or buy it ready, but do not take the plumbing. In extreme cases, of course, you can use tap water, but the effect of it will be much less.

Let the water stand over night and be filled with power, wash it with the first ray and talk to yourself: “Go away, every nekras, every flaw and half-light, with the first ray, with the last water. The key, the lock, the tongue. «

The second conspiracy also attracts the opposite sex, but at a different level — not outward beauty, but strong attraction. The steps for preparation are the same, but quite a bit of sugar is added to the water beforehand. The text of the hex is: “To be sweeter than sugar water, more beautiful than the morning dew, more necessary than the light of white.

The key yes lock, said yes come true. «

Finally, the third conspiracy is aimed at a specific man. Wash for this purpose at sunset. While taking a bath, imagine his face and say to yourself: “As the Earth does not live without the Sun, so you cannot see the light without me, seek me and desire me.

As I said, so be it. ”

From time to time this action can be repeated. The effect will be stronger if you occupy the necessary preparations on the Growing Moon. The universe will require some action from you, otherwise it will not work. Be prepared to respond to the signs of Fate, if your goal is to attract a particular man, and if you just want to like everyone around you, set a clear goal in front of you and determine the reason.

So you and the universe will be easier to achieve the desired.

When resorting to the means to find beauty, remember that your inner world is also important. Work on yourself, be sure of your own irresistibility, and admiring glances and proposals that are hard to refuse will reach you. We wish you confidence in your endeavors, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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