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Three best cash conspiracy wallet

Three best cash conspiracy wallet

It’s no secret that work is often not appreciated. But there is a sure way to increase wealth, and it is — plots on the wallet, which are sure to help.

First conspiracy

In the evening, take a piece of paper (this can be a landscape sheet or printer paper) and a black felt-tip pen on the growing Moon. Draw a crescent moon of the growing moon and from its tips draw an arc so that the circle is complete. In the center, place a five-thousand-dollar bill horizontally and a purse on top of it vertically. Next, read the plot:

“Every day the moon grows, more light gives. So that my wallet got fat and wide. Where two zeros, there will be three, where a thousand, there will be five. I say my word to execute now and always, and in all ages, let the wallet be full forever.

May it be so. ”

Next, fold the paper, wrapping the wallet and bill there, and put it on the window sill so that it does not turn around. Do not touch it until the morning. The next day, remove the bill in the wallet, and fold the picture and put it in one of the wallet pockets. Repeat the whole procedure for two evenings in a row, with the condition that the moon will be growing.

Before the full moon, carry a drawing with you, and on the night of the full moon either burn it or tear it up into a finely-small pattern, saying: «The full moon brought money.»

Second plot

Fill a purse with coins of 10 rubles. Next, shake the wallet so that they ring, and say three times:

“My wallet, wallet, I saved so much money! And there are no coins to count, and there are a lot of bills in it! ”

Close the wallet on both sides with your palms and hold it close to your lips, as if whispering in your ear. Speak the plot:

“Recognize my desire and strictly fulfill it: how water flows from the tap, let the money flow into you like this. Thicker by the day and never lose weight. You will be complete, and I will be full and contented.

So be it now and forever. ”

Repeat seven times. Carry a wallet, and soon the money will be added.

Third conspiracy

Put the wallet on the table. You will also need five coins worth five rubles. You put a coin on every corner of your wallet, saying: “once a coin for a thousand, two coins for a thousand,” and so on until four.

Place the fifth coin in the center, saying “the fifth coin is for one and all five thousand. As once five thousand in the wallet will be, then the other five should come without hesitation, and the second time, and ten will double. ”

After that, you need to repeat three times: “To grow, to grow, wealth, so that the kingdom would flourish at home, so that they would eat and drink enough, and there would still be twice as much. Hold the promise firmly, firmly, like a stone, and adamantly like steel. From now on and always perform it! ”

After that, put all the coins on top of the one in the center of the wallet, collecting them counterclockwise. Knock the whole stack five times, counting out loud. Then, also counting, one by one, fold into a pocket for small items. Close it.

Then you can wait for profits.

Conspiracies will help you get rich and not be in a difficult moment aground. All the best to you, wealth in the house, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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