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Strong plots to protect the house

Strong plots to protect the house

Everyone knows the phrase «my home is my castle.» However, any fortress needs good protection. You can protect your household from troubles, detractors and negative energy with the help of the ancient proven method — effective protective plots.

In ancient times, the house was considered almost a sacred place. The family nest was given great importance, because our ancestors were well aware that native walls are the main source of strength for all living in it. If there is peace and harmony in the house, then things will go on; but if there is trouble in the family, then in other areas it is not worth waiting for luck.

That is why they tried to protect the house from harm with the help of special plots — strong energy messages, thanks to which the dwelling and the household became reliably protected from the evil eye, quarrels and troubles.

Such protection is no less relevant today. Despite the fact that now people spend much less time in their home walls than before, the house is still the main source of energy. From what atmosphere prevails in it, depends largely on the luck of all households.

In order for the house to truly be your “fortress”, you must do your best to improve the home atmosphere and protect your home from negative energy. Strong conspiracies will help in this.

Plot to protect the home from unkind people

Surely, many are faced with situations where after visiting some of the guests at home it gets worse. And by no means always these are people who wish you evil: such people, of course, are rarely allowed on the threshold. Even good friends can hurt, having experienced a minute envy or resentment.

If the energy of a person is strong enough, then this is quite enough to damage the home atmosphere and provoke trouble. So that no one could harm you, you should start talking the house from detractors. Take a pinch of salt and pour it right on the threshold, saying:

Salt sprinkle threshold, barrage from evil expose. The evil eye of my house will not touch, evil thought will turn back. If a friend pretends to be a friend, he will wish evil and enter the house — he will take all the evil with him.

My word is strong, the defense is strong. Amen.

And to prevent visiting unwanted guests, you can take advantage of an effective conspiracy from Nadezhda Shevchenko.

Plot to protect the house from conflict and quarrels

Conflicts and quarrels cause great damage to domestic energy, which adversely affects all living in the house. The situation at work and in other areas automatically worsens, because the house is transformed from a place of rest into a battlefield, and consequently, it ceases to give energy recharging. In order to reign peace and harmony in native walls, you can use the conspiracy to protect against quarrels. To do this, you need to dissolve a small amount of sugar in a container with water, and then sprinkle all the corners in the house, saying the words of the plot:

As sugar and water are mixed, so will we be one. Just as water and sugar cannot be separated, and quarrels will not separate us. The bitterness will go away, the sweetness will remain.


Particular attention should be paid to the corners in those rooms where quarrels occur most often. If there is a certain “focus” of conflicts at home, the household always swears in the same place, and without any serious reason, sort out the things that are stored there: maybe there are items with negative energy that attract misfortunes.

Plot to protect from trouble and failure

This plot is aimed at protecting the house and those living in it from troubles, problems and trouble. It helps to clean the premises of negative energy and attract positive and well-being into it. The rite should be held in the evening. Light a candle and go around all the rooms reading the plot:

The fire of life-giving evil will burn, good will call, will disperse the darkness, fill the house with happiness. The misfortune of living here will not touch. Amen.

For the ritual, you can use any candle. Keep in mind that candles of certain colors can attract love, money and well-being.

Special talismans and charms, which can be easily made with your own hands, also help to protect the house. Let your family nest be filled with love and harmony. We wish you happiness and prosperity, and do not forget to press buttons and

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