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Strong plots on the salt: attract love and good luck

Strong plots on the salt: attract love and good luck

Regular table salt is not only an indispensable food product, but also has strong energy properties. With it, you can not only add flavor to food, but also add flavor to life — attract good luck and love.

Even in everyday life, salt is an indispensable product: no housewife can do without it in the kitchen. Many people do not even suspect what unusual properties this ordinary food additive has. It is used for white and black love spells, conspiracies and even targeting damage. The one who at least once used salt in conducting rituals, he became convinced of its strength.

After all, it was not for nothing that our ancestors admired its properties, and many ceremonies and conspiracies even reached our days.

Such extraordinary strength of ordinary table salt is explained by the fact that the crystals of the product are energy carriers. They are well perceived external information and can adopt the energy and mood of a person. Any words spoken above the salt charge its crystals, enhancing their effect.

Power of the fourth salt

It is believed that Thursday, or black salt, cooked on Holy Thursday has a special miraculous power. It is through this product that various rituals are most often performed. Such salt is a strong talisman, and its use in conspiracies doubly strengthens and accelerates the result.

Unfortunately, it is this food supplement that cannot be simply bought in a store, and you can even cook it only once — on the eve of the great Easter holiday.

To make black Thursday salt, you will need to purchase regular cookery, but this must be done on the last Thursday before Easter — Pure Thursday. After that, go to church with the purchased product and attend the service from beginning to end. Being in worship, no rituals with salt are needed — it is enough that at this moment it should be with you.

After returning home, salt the salt in a frying pan or stove. Then pour it into a jar or salt shaker, but keep it so that it does not come across to other people.

After such simple manipulations you can use Thursday salt for any purpose. Many simply add it to food, especially cooked for Easter. Those who wish to acquire the desired with its help use it in rites and conspiracies.

A conspiracy on salt to attract love

Very often, the complete absence of love in our lives or unrequited feelings cause discomfort. To prevent the arrow of Cupid from flying past you, use an effective conspiracy to love.

Take a regular piece of paper, write on it all the qualities of your future chosen one or darling. After that, put both hands on it and say:

«Let it be the way I want it!»

After that, take a small handful of salt, put it on a piece of paper and roll it up so that the salt does not wake up. After that, the resulting paper bag bury in the yard of your house, so that you do not have to find a lover, and he could find you.

Attract good luck with salt

Sometimes it seems to many people that in life they are often haunted by misfortunes and sorrows, and good fortune bypasses them. If you notice that there is no joy and luck in your life, an effective conspiracy on salt to attract good luck will help you.

Take a regular faceted glass and pour there holy water. Add a pinch of salt to the water and say:

“As salt in holy water dissolves, so all my troubles will dissolve. As the water pours out, so good fortune will flow into my life. Amen!».

After that, pour water from the window or under the threshold of your house. To speed up the results, do this ritual at least once a week. Over time, you will notice improvements not only in business, but also at work and in your personal life.

Strong conspiracy on Thursday’s salt: attracting luck and money

This plot will help you not only to bring good luck, but also to improve your financial situation. The ritual itself is performed using the Thursday salt, so the most appropriate day for it is also Thursday.

Put salt in a small bag or bag, squeeze it firmly in your hands and say:

“There will be no failure and poverty on my way to fall. It will not be grief and misfortune. Enemies will never harm me, friends will always help in misfortune.

My words are strong, eternal, and endless. ”

Carry a bag of salt in your pocket or bag. He will not only help you to attract good luck and money, but also will become a talisman for you against evil eye and damage.

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