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Strong plots on love and longing

Strong plots on love and longing

There are situations when you need only a small miracle for the desired person to pay attention to you. In such cases, conspiracies to love and longing help well.

Can hurt love plots

The rule that you have to pay for everything is firmly rooted in our mind. But is it really?

The basis of any conspiracies and rituals is the impact on the energy field of a person and his submission to his will. And subject to certain rules, everyone can achieve such an impact, who have enough patience. By the way, in order to protect against energy attacks, it is not necessary to turn to magicians and sorcerers.

There are methods where you can put the defense to yourself and strengthen your biofield.

It is believed that when you try to influence the will of another person, this requires a certain redemption. It is needed in order to maintain a balance of energies in the universe. And here you can face a choice. Either you come up with your own, than are willing to donate, or Higher Forces take something in return on their own.

As a rule, this happens when the person who applied the plot decided that he would get away with it.

That is why many people prefer to buy off on their own, because then you can independently determine what to choose as a payoff. When you have decided what you can donate, then no conspiracies and rituals will not harm. You can also use special protective amulets that protect you from negative consequences.

Strong plots of longing and love

There are several ways to attract the attention of a certain person, and also make him long for you.

Conspiracy to love longing

This ritual should be done for three evenings in a row, when the moon is in its growth phase. Put on light-colored loose clothing and make sure that no one will hurt you.

On the first and third days, before starting, you need to read a prayer. «Our Father». On the second day — «Prayer to the Virgin». After that, light a church candle, dissolve your hair, go to the window and say the following phrase three times: “Luna, Mother, help me in a love affair. Found a longing for the servant of God. (name of lover).

Let him not sleep at night, for days he doesn’t find a place for himself, forget about his affairs, but only about me, God’s servant. (your name) will think. Key. Castle. Tongue.»

If for some reason you missed one of the evenings, you will have to start all over again.

Love attraction ritual

This method is used by girls who dream of finding their true love.

To do this, take a small handful of millet, place it between your palms so that nothing falls apart, and say these words: “I conjure up the power of the Earth, I bestow love on millet. Bring me to my threshold, show me the right path, and fill it with love for me, the servant of God. (own name). Amen.»

Next, this millet must be given to the birds. Watch them peck at the grains and imagine that love is already hurrying to your door.

These simple plots will help you find what you want and be filled with happiness. Of course, you can use other effective methods. For example, rituals with church candles also give excellent results.

But what is most suitable for you, you will learn only after you have tried several options. Trust the Universe and open up to love and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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