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Strong plots of beauty and attractiveness

Strong plots of beauty and attractiveness

Every person is important to be attractive. Effective conspiracies will help you achieve your desired goal and preserve your natural beauty for a long time.

With age, natural beauty begins to fade, but it is important to keep it as long as possible. Cosmetics and procedures help us to cope with this for a while, and over time we again notice age-related manifestations, which are almost impossible to hide. Many young people, despite their young age, also feel a sense of their own unattractiveness.

The team at the site dailyhoro.ru offers you some simple plots with which you can improve your appearance without much effort and huge costs.

A conspiracy on the beauty of the growing moon

During the growth of the moon, energy grows and everything around is gaining strength. Conspiracies at this time are very effective, so they will quickly bring you a positive result.

Get a new face cream and, without opening, leave it on the window sill for the whole night. The next day, while using it, say:

“As the moon grows, so I become more beautiful. Blowing beauty and youth never leave me. Every day I will only be more attractive and prettier. ”

Use a conspiracy cream every day, and soon you will notice that your external flaws have become less noticeable, and attention from the opposite sex will increase.

A conspiracy on the beauty of the water

Water is able to perceive any information, so it is often used for rituals. Using this plot, you will noticeably improve your appearance.

Take a glass and pour clean water there. Then dip a few rose petals into it and say:

“Flowers wither, but my beauty will never fade. I will always be beautiful (s) and desired (s). Other women (men) will envy the beauty of my inexhaustible, and I will only be prettier.

Water will wash away all the flaws from me, my face will blossom like a rose and turn pink. ”

After these words, wash the conspiratorial water, and keep the petals for yourself. When they begin to wither, go to the river and send them to go with the flow. The ritual can be repeated several times a month — that you do not harm yourself, but only accelerate the result.

Conspiracy on beauty and attractiveness on the ring

Rings have a strong energy. With their help, you can easily attract what you want into your life. It is advisable to use jewelry made of gold or silver, because precious stones have the power that will give efficiency to your plot.

For your ritual, take your ring, and if you don’t have one, get a new one. Other people’s jewelry is not recommended to use — they have the energy of the person to whom they belong, so there will be no result from the conspiracy. Take a glass of water and put your ring on the bottom, then say:

“My beauty goes around the ring and has nowhere to go. As it blinds its brilliance, so I will be dazzling. My attractiveness is more precious than silver and gold, neither age, nor people envious, nor evil enemies will take it away from me. ”

Leave the ring in the glass for a day, then gently remove it from the bottom, and wash with water. Always wear jewelery on yourself to attract attention and catch admiring glances of people around you.

Ritual for male attention

Women are much more likely than men to try to attract the attention of the opposite sex, and if they fail to do so, they begin to blame their appearance. An effective ritual will help you effortlessly attract the views of men.

It will take your favorite aroma oil and church candle. You must stand in front of a mirror with a candle in your hands and, looking at your reflection, say:

“Beyond the seas of distant islands is an ancient island. On that island the tower is strong, for centuries not crumbling and irresistible. In it is a terrible dungeon, in which there is neither light nor heat.

A beautiful girl sits there and asks for help. Protect her dogs evil and do not give her to leave. The invincible warrior came there and ordered them to calm down and go to sleep forever.

The beautiful woman came out and gave all women the beauty and infinite charm through the mirror world. Thank you for your gift. ”

After that, take the aromatic oil and say:

“Give me beauty and strength. Your smell of men will attract, and they will fall in love with me without memory. «

Each time before leaving the house, drip a couple of drops of oil on your hand and lubricate behind the ear or neck. Thanks to this you will attract the attention of men, and may soon find their love.

Ritual to the female attention

Despite the inner strength, men also need love and tenderness. However, many of them have been searching for a long time and eventually come to the conclusion that they simply do not attract women. You can cope with this problem by resorting to the help of a strong conspiracy.

For the ritual you will need a rope of medium thickness and length. Take it and start tying knots with the words:

“Loud winds are flying in search of my beloved. She will see me and melt from the feelings of tender and from the look of my inimitable. She will be jealous of the attention of other women, but she will not be able to leave me.

As I firmly tie the rope, so it will be tied to me. ”

The rope must be kept at home in a place protected from prying eyes. This ritual is suitable for men who dream to meet his beloved, and possibly the future wife. From the moment of the conspiracy, you will begin to attract the attention of women, and if the result is almost imperceptible, then after a while repeat the manipulations.

To be beautiful and attractive, it is necessary to pay attention not only to your face, but also to your body. If you want to lose weight, you can resort to effective plots on the water. Thus, you will speed up the result and become the owner of the ideal figure. We wish you to be slim and beautiful, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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