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Strong conspiracy to return your loved one

Strong conspiracy to return your loved one

Conspiracies to the return of love and the beloved are popular from time immemorial. With their help, you can correct a difficult situation, return mutual understanding and get rid of conflicts in relationships.

If you want to return the attention and location of the beloved man, who for some reason has cooled down to you, chose the wrong path, then use conspiracies that have been tested for many centuries. When carrying out love rituals it is worth remembering that emotions will not be your helpers. First you need to calm down, assess the situation, and only then begin to act.

A conspiracy to return a loved one

One of the most effective are rites based on a plot of food or drink. If you have the opportunity to treat a potential «victim», use this old conspiracy. Prepare a treat and at the same time constantly think about your beloved.

Thoughts should be positive. Remember the happy moments spent together, the beauty of your partner and the best of his qualities. After cooking, cross your dish three times and say the plot:

“Knead dough on love and understanding. She spoke not with words, but with deeds. My act is disinterested, to return the feelings of the former. In love, not in boredom, in happiness, but not in agony, I want to live with my beloved, cherish every day.

Our love is strong, will not break in centuries. ”

It is necessary to treat your man as soon as possible. While he is eating, repeat to yourself: «Eat, do not hurry, as you finish — come back to me forever.»

Conspiracy to return a loved one to the family

This ritual must be performed for three days at dawn. To do this, go to the spacious light-colored clothes on the threshold of the house with her hair, bow to the rising sun and say:

“The sun is red, I meet you. I hope for your help. As you light up Mother Earth every morning, how you give life, drive away fears, give light to my family, return your beloved.

Give us back the feelings of the past, filled with joy and warmth. ”

On the third day, prepare a cake, thank the Sun for participating in your destiny and leave a gift under a young tree.

Wedding Rings

This ceremony is done in case the husband left the family. A woman needs to prepare a red candle, a red thread and two rings (one’s own and one’s beloved). If there is no second ring, make it out of scrap materials and wrap it in clothes that belong to your man, for the night — it will be fed with male energy. Light a candle, take the rings and start to connect them with a thread.

The more knots you manage to tie, the better. Speak the plot words:

“I restore with a thread of red and with a word a strong relationship, I sew up broken feelings, I wish the renewal of love. As a thread can not without needles, and the betrothed without me zatsokuet. Will not bring his need and trouble, do not force fate.

He will return at will, in eternal feelings before God he swears. I do not judge for mistakes, I do not hold any harm to my beloved. My word is strong, wax sealed, tears poured, love namolen «.

Put some wax on the thread holding the rings together several times and put them in a secluded place. The plot on them must be read every day until the beloved returns.

Water Conspiracy

Type from a natural source of water, bring it home, pour it into a transparent container and speak it to return lost feelings and a loved one:

“Pure water from the bowels of the earth seeks to the outside. Feeling fading away I will trust her. Water rushes along the ground like a stream, will find my betrothed, my beloved, for whom I yearn. Find the desired, return to the house the long-awaited.

Mother of Cheese Earth, help, return your beloved home. ”

Planted flower should be watered with this water until it blooms. In this way you will be able to return your loved one and revive fading feelings.

Learn about love compatibility with your partner using numerology. This knowledge will help you determine the future path of development of relations. Remember that love can not be conquered by force, so the thoughts should be disinterested. We wish you good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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