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Strong conspiracy pays

Strong conspiracy pays

Salary increase is a pleasant reward for your work. Unfortunately, some people may work tirelessly, but they will not achieve an increase. If the authorities do not notice your efforts, take advantage of effective plots with which you can get a well-deserved reward and increase your income.

If you had to work before losing your strength and not receive any encouragement for it, then you well understand how unpleasant it is. Unfortunately, the management is not always able to deservedly evaluate the work of its employees and to make at least a small salary increase. Of course, in this case, you can always change jobs, but what to do if you really like what you are doing?

In fact, solving this problem is not at all difficult, and strong conspiracies from experts on the site dailyhoro.ru will help you.

Energy purification of the workplace

Sometimes problems at work are due to the fact that a lot of negative energy has accumulated in the workplace. In this case, you not only will not achieve a salary increase, but you can lose your source of income altogether. To avoid this, perform a strong ritual to purify the workplace.

Before you go to work, put mint on a white cloth, and then form a bag of fabric and tie it tightly with red thread. Try to appear first in the workplace and hide the bag of mint so that other employees cannot find it. Then say:

«I let go of all the negativity and let monetary fortune into my life.»

Speak a plot every day for a week. Soon you will be able to attract the attention of the authorities and get a long-awaited salary increase.

Plot on the coin

If increased work does not help you get a well-deserved increase, perhaps the leadership does not intentionally raise your salary. With the help of a strong conspiracy on a coin, you will be able to win over your bosses and increase your wealth in the near future.

For the ritual fit any coin. Leaving work, leave it near the office of the chief and say:

“Let my income grow and increase. Let the chief not skimp and the salary adds to me. I wish it to be the way I want it. ”

Put a coin near the office, and the next day, see if it remains in the same place. If not, then the boss will soon add your salary. If the coin remains, there will be no increase.

Conspiracy to pay

Some monetary signs say that to spend your salary on the first day is prohibited. Instead, it can become the main attribute of your ritual. Thanks to him, you can increase your monthly income several times.

  • natural honey — 1 tablespoon;
  • essential oils;
  • salary;
  • shallow capacity;
  • Red pencil;
  • paper.

To speed up the ritual, it is necessary to choose the essential little, attracting wealth and abundance. Mix any of the proposed oils and honey in a shallow container. On paper, draw a red circle, and then place in it your salary, on which you want to put a container with the mixture. Then say:

“Let the fragrances attract money to my wallet. I wish my life to be as sweet as honey. That the chief became more generous and more attentive.

To my income increased. I appeal for money luck and I believe that it will not bypass me. ”

The next day you can safely spend the earnings received. For the ritual can use both cash and a bank card — depending on how you get paid. If the result is not for the first time, try repeating the manipulations next month.

Do not lose faith in a miracle after one mistake.

At all times money was very important for people. To increase their income, our ancestors used only five simple ways. Perhaps it is with their help you can become richer. We wish you happiness and prosperity, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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