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Strong conspiracy for success, popularity and prosperity

Strong conspiracy for success, popularity and prosperity

Conspiracies and affirmations help not only to attract success, but also to get rid of energy blocks. If luck goes around you, you may be under the influence of negative energy, which needs to be urgently removed.

If in life you encounter the fact that efforts do not lead to expected results, and you have tried many options to achieve what you want, but everything is empty, then most likely you could become a victim of damage, evil eye, or love spell that your enemies used against you . Plots of success will help to get rid of this. First you need to replenish your vitality with the help of our advice, and then try to resort to special rituals that will have a strong influence and return prosperity to your life.

Strong conspiracy to succeed

Nowadays, success solves a lot, but people often fail and don’t know how to help themselves. To return good luck in business, turn to white magic, which has long helped to get rid of the negative impact and attract happiness in your life. It is best to make a spontaneous conspiracy on water or fire — so its action becomes several times stronger.

Conspiracy on water will help get rid of the internal nodes that interfere with the acquisition of money and success. To make it work, you need to read charged words every day throughout the week. You can empower the running water when you wash, or type liquid in dishes and talk it. Words for conspiracy need to say these:

“Water can heal, I pour it myself and I will join the higher forces. Will you help me (name), water, with the power of God, to get rid of the influence of bad on my progress. Health to my enemy, and to me (name)well-being.

Chur protect me. «

A conspiracy on the flame will help cleanse the defacement, the evil eye and attract success. For this ritual you will need a candle. Take it in your left hand, light it and say the words:

«I am being cleansed of everything: from pain, ailments, evil looks, defacement, hatred, lies,God help me in this. ”

After reading the spelled words, draw a candle from head to toe. It is necessary to make such a plot until the flame of a candle stops smoking. As soon as black smoke ceases to form, you are cleansed.

You can also try short plots for success.

Conspiracy to popularity

This magical rite is old enough, but very effective. In antiquity, it was used mostly by women, but over time, men learned its power. It helps to gain popularity, especially from the opposite sex, and to reach great heights in society.

And also a conspiracy is able to deprive you of external flaws and help you gain spiritual strength.

You need to read it on the thing that you pick up every day. It is best that this is the subject by which you improve your appearance. For example, comb, mirror, razor, toothbrush.

However, remember that no one should touch the plotted thing, except for you. The magic words are:

“My subject, spoken by me, will bring me happiness, popularity and peace. I will hide you from the hands of others, you will only help me. In the name of the Lord, draw the attention of people to my person, give the beauty of beauty, may I (name) be pleasant / pleasant to all. Let people of all ages go crazy over me and remember my face and my achievements.

Help me, Angel, in my desires to be visible and successful, to shine among people like the sun. My words are strong, like dreams. No one can ruin my plot. They will love me, honor, respect and remember everything.

So be it as I said / said. Amen».

Conspiracy to prosper

In order for the desired to come true in the shortest possible time, it is advisable to pronounce the magic words on the growing Moon. You will need a candle and a red thread. The conspiracy is strong enough and is able to attract not only prosperity in all matters, but also monetary well-being.

Before you begin the ritual, you should prepare a long thread, which you then tie around the waist.

Come up with the number of desires equal to the number 13. That is how many knots on the string you need to do: everyone must meet a certain desire. When tying a knot, say: “I tie a knot for prosperity and love, prosperity, success, health,” and so on, listing everything you can wish for. After that, read the following words:

“Prosperity is in a hurry to me, the money is added to the pocket. Let it be just the way I want it. Protect the Lord from all misfortunes and harmful people, protect me and help. My wishes are true.


After reading the plot, secretly carry a thread on your body for about a month, until you feel an improvement in your affairs. Then put it in your personal belongings and wear it in those moments when you have difficulty.

These conspiracies can help you get rid of the damage and direct all life energy to get what you want. It is especially important to remember that only rituals that belong to white magic will have a positive impact on your life and will not bring problems. You can also take advantage of positive attitudes and affirmations that will attract success in your life. be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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