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Strong conspiracy for good luck

Strong conspiracy for good luck

Each of us wishes good luck and luck to accompany him throughout his life. You can attract the desired with the help of the strongest conspiracy for good luck.

In the past, all sorts of plots and rituals that attracted luck were used extremely widely. Our ancestors appealed to the forces of nature to gain the confidence and support of the gods in an important matter. The most effective conspiracies have come down to us unchanged.

Conspiracy on bird feather

This method is well suited to attract good luck in your life. To accomplish your plan you will need:

Stay alone at dawn and open the window. Take the pen in your hands, close your eyes and imagine as much as possible the positive outcome of the situation in which you need luck. When the desired state is reached, say the words of the conspiracy:

“Like birds fly in the sky, they are friends with the winds, they wash the rain, they warm up with the Sun, they know freedom and good luck. I appeal to the birds, the free sisters: the birds are free, the birds are free, as you fly, you give me luck too! As I hold a pen in my hands, I will tie my luck to myself! As I say, so be it! ”

Tie the pen firmly to the outside of the casement. For a short time, luck can come to your home.

A conspiracy on millet for luck

This method is great in order to attract good luck for a long time. You will need:

  • three handfuls of millet;
  • red woven bag;
  • deep plate

At sunset, stay all alone. Put millet in a plate, immerse the tips of your fingers in it, close your eyes and clearly imagine your future success in the area of ​​life in which you need it most. Then mix the millet with the words:

“As mother-earth gave birth to grain, as the sprouts grew and the harvest was brought, as the grain was collected and poured into bags, so my luck grew and increased. May there be luck with me, as long as the grain from the Earth is born! True! ”

Pour the millet into the bag and hide it safely in your house.

Plot on knots for good luck in important business

This method is suitable for attracting good luck within one specific situation: a date, an important interview or a trip. You only need a red wool thread. Its length should be sufficient for you to tie 5 knots.

To get started, focus on the business where you need luck. Visualize its beginning, development and the result you personally need. After that, take the thread in your hand and start tying the knots with the words:

“The first node is on the right mortgage;
The second node — on the right thoughts;
The third knot is on the right people;
The fourth node — performs the desired;
The fifth node — fixes the deed.
As said, so be it! As ordered, so be fulfilled. True! ”

The thread must be carried with him before the completion of the case, and after — burned.

To notice the signs, foreshadowing the appearance of good luck in your life, can help people signs of happiness. We wish you success and only good mood. Smile often and don’t forget to press buttons and

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