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Strong conspiracies to fulfill wishes on a birthday

Strong conspiracies to fulfill wishes on a birthday

Birthday is always a happy and special day on which life is ready to give you a precious gift — a dream come true. You just need to know how and when to get it.

Strong and effective conspiracies will help pick up the gift of fate and open the door to harmonious, wish-fulfilling energy. These are simple rituals that bring joy to your life by making your birthday a truly happy day. Such actions will not bring any benefit if you decide to spend them on another day.

Hurry up to take advantage of the chance that the Higher Forces give you, and make your dream come true.

What you can and cannot ask for on your birthday

This is your day, which means you only need to wish for yourself. Do not be afraid to be selfish, reflecting on what you most want in life. Choose what is most important, what will make you specifically happy. What you can wish for a birthday:

  • to gain wealth, love, luck;
  • find a good job or a favorite thing;
  • become a successful or famous person;
  • find your destination;
  • create a strong family;
  • achieve a vocation.

This is just a standard set of desires, you can choose for yourself what you want exactly. Your dream will be fulfilled in one year, so do not be surprised if you wait more than half a year for its realization. Desire has 12 months left to find the way to you.

Wait, and it will definitely find you. The most important thing is to make it right, avoiding dangerous desires:

  • you cannot wish for death;
  • upset someone else’s happiness;
  • pick yourself success, happiness, love and wealth of another.

Practitioners and esoterics do not recommend to go down to such an extent on their holiday and to wish evil to someone. This evil will overtake you within a year, luck will turn away and you will get 12 months of unhappiness. Higher forces severely punish those who neglect their desire and spend it in the name of evil, self-interest and deception.

A conspiracy to fulfill a wish on a birthday

Start the alarm to wake up before anyone else and do not miss the chance to make a wish correctly. Getting out of bed, go to the window, smile at the sun, the world and everything around, and then read the plot:

“Lord, my shepherd! Give me a bright life, and send all the evil in the past. Let the failures and sorrows forget the road to me and never come back.

I lock my happiness with family locks and stay with him forever. ”

After all the congratulations have been addressed to you and you receive gifts, you should take a piece of cake, on which you have made your wish, and wrap it in a thick napkin or paper. Read the plot above this bundle in a half whisper:

“I repent and with God’s help I protect myself from everything. In the name of the Father, his Son and the Most Holy Spirit. Amen.

Amen. Amen».

After reading the plot, nothing more will stand in the way of your happiness and the fulfillment of your innermost dreams. Thanks to the words, you clear your card of fate, removing from it all evil, sad and heavy. In their place will come moments of joy and fun.

In order not to pull the tail of the negative, a roll with a piece of cake is better to throw away from the house.

Plot on candles for birthday

You will need seven or ten candles and a good memory to memorize a few conspiracy words. You need to approach your desire with all seriousness, for this it is best to reflect on it alone, clearly shaping and visualizing the dream. Meditating on the fulfillment of desire helps to tune in to the wave and direct the energy in the right direction.

Answer your main questions: when your plans are brought to life, you will not regret it, no one will suffer from it? If you are sure that your dream is a bright and pure message to the Higher Forces, then you can proceed to the ritual itself. Light all the candles, repeat your wish twelve times and speak the text you have learned beforehand, then leave the candles burning out. Text to learn:

“Almighty God, give me your mercy! Let my happiness come to the door, but as soon as it passes over the threshold, immediately the thought into my hands will fall! As the sun rolls across the sky, so the life of God’s servant (name) luck always finds a way.

The word is said. It is done. Amen».

Strong conspiracy fulfilling desire

To fulfill the wish on your birthday, experts at the site dailyhoro.ru advise you to use this technique. A conspiracy must be read in its own shadow — this makes it unique and unlike all other conspiracies. Words you speak your own shadow of success. You need to fulfill only a few conditions.

The first is to stay alone for just a couple of minutes. The second rule is that your desire should be already formed and well thought out. Third — your shadow should not overlap unnecessary objects and people, it should be visible in full growth.

With the arrival of the evening in the apartment, and better on the street, find a secret place in which no one will disturb you. The plot is so strong that the execution of the cherished will not make you wait long. Stand up so that you see your shadow well, and quickly, without hesitation and mistakes (you can practice in advance) read the plot:

“My shadow does not know life without me. Our Creator gave me a shadow on my birthday, so that I would take away all the bad things on myself and help me to fulfill wishes. So fulfill my shadow, dream: (your dream). I fix all the words with a key, throw out the key and complete the conspiracy.


To fulfill the dream is easy, especially if you know how to do it. More difficult to formulate. After all, only correctly made wishes come true.

Dream right and believe in the best. We wish you a great mood, success, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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