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Strong conspiracies from enemies and envious

Strong conspiracies from enemies and envious

Unfortunately, each person can be adversely affected by the envious or detractor. Protecting from it is not always possible, but there are ways that help to cope with problems.

There are many conspiracies and prayers that can protect a person from unwanted exposure. Even if the trouble occurred, your energy field could not cope with the flow of negative energy, you can stop the «pumping out» of your vitality. To do this, there are several proven conspiracies that are accompanied by rituals of purification of the aura from such exposure.

Conspiracy from enemies

This conspiracy will help you eliminate the negative impact of offenders, as well as strengthen your personal biofield. He does not require special training; you can pronounce the words of a conspiracy at any time you consider necessary.

“From enemies and envious people I enclose, I confuse traces. The words of wrath and unclean thoughts will not find me. I strengthen my defense with God’s help.

Do not bother me word dashing, it’s dark. Amen».

Conspiracy from envious

To make things go uphill, and the envious could not harm your success, you can carry out a ritual and read the plot. This is done at dawn, when the sun only shows. Take a glass of water, throw a coin there and go outside. Read the plot words:

“I start my business with the sunrise. Clean thoughts for good send. My business is not dark, not started at night.

I will leave the envious with my coin, I buy them off, I’ll take the right cause ”.

Splash water with a coin and go home without turning around. Do not tell anyone about your plans and ideas. So you can protect yourself from the negative energy of envious people and complete everything you planned on time.

After the work is completed, perform the same ritual at sunrise. Splash water with a coin and say:

“The deed is done, the profit is received. I pay interest on the bills, pay hard money. «

A strong conspiracy from envious and detractors

This plot should be used when you need to put a kind of barrier that covers you from envy and anger. To prevent a negative impact on oneself is not difficult, but for this you need to cook jelly, preferably of black currant. When pouring starch, say:

“I will remember my case with Kisel, so that it burns in my hands. As the jelly boils, so my business does not know tired. I drink jelly, I exhaust enemies. Neither slander nor evil word will come to me.

I am protected from the thoughts of the unkind by the word of God, by strong faith. Amen».

This ritual must be performed the day before you begin to perform what you have planned.

Plot from evil tongues

If you feel a barrier before you start something, but your detractors are unknown, say the words of a conspiracy before going to bed:

“My business is right, without harm to people. God blessed, begun in the morning, completed under the bright Sun I will begin, pray, with God’s power to defend myself. The enemy will not enter the threshold, he will not utter the words of a bad one, he will not venture upon the affliction.


Conspiracy from gossip and evil thoughts

To get rid of the failures associated with the machinations of the envious, you can use the self-made and conspired amulet. This ceremony should be carried out during the descent of the moon. In the evening, light a wax candle and weave a pigtail of white, red, and green woolen threads, pronouncing the words of the conspiracy:

“I saved the whip, I drive away the evil. On any enemy there is a council, on any slander gag. No one will disturb my peace. Protection with me.

As I guarded the dopelet, I will bring the evil away from myself. ”

Charm should be carried with you on your hand or in your pocket. With it, you can protect yourself from the negative in your address. The guardian needs to be changed once every three months or when the ropes darken, taking upon themselves the blow of the negative from your offenders.

You can protect yourself from enemies and envious people with the help of prayer. Contact the Higher Forces at any time when you feel the need for protection and patronage. Do not forget to ask for help from your Guardian Angel.

You can communicate with him at any time of the day or night. We wish you good luck and good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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