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Strong conspiracies from drinking

Strong conspiracies from drinking

One of the most common problems among the population of our country is drunkenness. Since time immemorial, our ancestors used all sorts of plots and rituals to save their loved ones from this ailment. It is often difficult for a person to recognize his own problem, so his relatives and friends have to take care of him as a small child.

Basically, all conspiracies from drunkenness must be whispered in the water, and then given to her dependent person. In this article we will give examples of the strongest conspiracies that can come to the rescue if you had to personally encounter a similar problem.

A conspiracy from drinking for myself

It is necessary to perform the ritual on the night from Friday to Saturday. You will need a small amount of pure spring water. You can not use water from the tap or buy it in the store.

Find a spring, a key, a stream or a well nearby, or if you have friends in the village, you can ask them to supply you with water beforehand. You will need to take a bath and wash thoroughly before you start to talk. Put on clean clothes, cross over three times and stand near the window.

Pour the previously prepared water into a wooden container, then read the following plot over drinking seven times over it:

“You must, Hop, leave my body and my clear head. I am the son (daughter) of my father and my mother, do not destroy me. Let all desires to obscene fun disappear.

Be to you, Hop, on a blackboard, covered with earth in a dark forest, where only the black birds fly, and wild beasts fly. Do not experience me more passion for you. Amen.

Amen. Amen».

As long as you read this conspiracy, do not forget to baptize the water. Repeat the ritual should be every week for three months.

A conspiracy from drinking on holy water

In order to carry out this ritual, you will need water, which was consecrated in the temple during the Epiphany holiday. The ceremony should be conducted only on the 19th day of any month, otherwise it will not have the necessary strength.

As we have already said, you will need holy water, three willow twigs, three small cock feathers, salt, a church candle and a red ribbon. Exactly at ten o’clock in the evening, lay out all of the above in front of you and proceed to the ritual itself.

Twist the willow twigs in the form of a pigtail, in which fasten the feathers securely. Bind the finished figure along the entire length with a red ribbon. Then light a candle and wax the thing, sprinkling salt on it.

Salt must be poured at the same time as drops are dripping from the candle so that the wax mixes with it. Then take the holy water, put the received amulet into it and read the following conspiracy from alcoholism 12 times:

“Just as Christ did not complain about hops, just as the Mother of God with the Apostles did not know the booze, so you (the addict’s name) will refuse the wine of every kind to the grave stone. Do not you drink more alcohol, do not you know more taste of our bitterness. Key.

Castle. Tongue. Amen».

Then remove the amulet from the water and hide the dependent person under the bed, it is only important that he does not know about it. With water, it must be watered for nine days. Can be added to soup or tea.

Pour water into a jar and open it only immediately before adding it to drinking or eating a sick person.

Since alcoholics are extremely aggressive in any attempt to cure them, be it secret or explicit, if suddenly a dependent person notices that you add something to his food, then just say that it is holy water. You should not enter into conflicts with this person or force him to take part in the process. Virtually all the rituals in which conspiracies from drunkenness are used must be repeated periodically to increase their impact. We wish you success in the fight against this disease and do not forget to click on and

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