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Soon session: good study plots

Soon session: good study plots

During exams and sessions, it can be difficult for many people to focus on the essentials and overcome this milestone with a decent result. The wisdom of the people will help to cope with stress and strengthen knowledge on the eve of an important event.

Someone combination of the words «conspiracy» and «exam» will seem funny or even ridiculous. Conspiracies are love, or from the evil eye, associated with ancient knowledge, and the exam is tests, advanced technology and modern tasks. But the mechanism of attracting good luck and activating knowledge in the head remains the same, and the process of controlling the knowledge gained by some kind of test is not an invention of today.

Long since, having learned him a student, the master arranged for him to check. And in this regard, little has changed — except that the students today solve completely different problems than they did then.

Plot for luck on the exam

Examiners have entire rituals so that they are lucky at the crucial moment. This is a record book, pulled out of the window at midnight, under a loud voice: “Freebie, catch it!”, And the ability to quietly grab yourself by the heel at the blackboard, and the obligatory drawing out of the ticket with your left hand. But all these things help, rather, to calm down internally, to convince themselves that they are lucky at the crucial moment.

To really enlist the support of higher powers, you need to remember the words: “The truth is that beyond this threshold is my strength. Amen». They must be pronounced when you have just entered the room where you will be examined. These words are suitable not only for students, but also for any students, for example, for those who give school checklists.

If you are eligible and an important part of your exam is in the car, you can replace the “threshold” with the “door”.

Of course, if you never knew anything about the subject, the plot would not help you get excellent. But in the case when you had time to open the material, the words spoken in time will attract luck to you, help you get a lucky ticket and answer as well as you can.

Plots to study well

Not only during the session and not only the students need the help and luck of higher powers. The ability to learn well is required by someone later, for example, mastering a new skill in the workplace. Conspiracies help to improve the learning process, not to suffer from unjust quibbles and get a result.

The simplest and most effective is the following: when starting to study, tell yourself: “The truth is in my desire to master skills and abilities, with a bright head and true strength in my hands. I will refuse falsely true knowledge and will be with truthful words and right deeds. Amen».

If you ask for help with physical training, for example, mastering the dance movement or not coping with the load, resort to conspiracy before you start training. It will also help if the work with the chakras is at a standstill, if training for any kind of skill has stalled, if preparations for the session are not going well or ideas for creative work have disappeared.

It is never too late to learn, as well as asking for help in this important endeavor. We wish you only good luck on the exam, and also safely closed sessions and professionalism in your work. Get better sleep and, of course, do not forget to press the buttons and

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