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Quick money plots

Quick money plots

Are you spinning like a squirrel in a wheel, and the day is painted by the minute? You have absolutely no time to perform the rituals, but the extra money would not hurt? Learn how to attract money and not be distracted from everyday affairs.

In the morning we all run to work, at lunch we go shopping, in the evening we need to have time to cook dinner and gather all our household for tomorrow, and also have time to sleep. And so for weeks. How to allocate time for ceremonies with such a rhythm of life?

This article will help you to combine business with pleasure. Below you will find quick money plots that can be read in parallel with their usual affairs. Whispering, as it were, by the way, just a few words, you will increase the cash flow.

Ritual in public places

This ritual is performed in any public place where you pay with money. This may be a fare or the purchase of any product in the store. Everything is very simple.

When you give money, and you return the change, you need to say to yourself the following words: «As you have money, so will I«.

This phrase, which at first glance may seem ordinary, actually brings a lot of benefits. Having spoken it, you are connected to the financial flow in the area to which your purchase relates. For example, you bought products in the store.

If this store is popular and works, it means that it receives a huge income.

Speaking the above phrase at the time of receipt of the change, you join the success of the owner of this store. And one more interesting fact: the more expensive and prestigious the place where you spend money and get the change, the more money will come to you later.

Ritual donation

The following ritual is called “donation,” but it is not only associated with giving alms, as it may seem. It is not necessary to donate money specifically to the temple. There are situations when someone asks for a loan from you, or you can just share the chewing gum.

The following words are just for such cases: «I share my good and attract money to the house«. Such a universal conspiracy can be used anywhere, and it works flawlessly. And most importantly, it does not need to allocate a separate time and place.

Ritual for money using songs

Such a ritual is suitable for those who love to sing. It’s not necessary to be a professional singer: you can drive in the car and sing along to your favorite song that sounds on the radio, or listen to your favorite music with headphones. It is in such situations that the easiest way to attract wealth, because when your soul sings, everything happens easily and naturally.

And when this moment comes to you, say the following phrase: “I sing a song — I get money«And then sing again at your pleasure.

All the above rituals are effective. The main thing — while pronouncing the cherished words, think only of the good, and it will certainly appear in your life. And do not forget to share with friends and press buttons and

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