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Plots Vanga on love and money

Plots Vanga on love and money

The well-known prophetess and clairvoyant Vanga taught that any conspiracies can be dangerous unpleasant consequences, and before embarking on a particular ritual, it is necessary to clearly understand the risks you are willing to take to the goal. In most cases, conspiracy resorted to the representatives of the weaker sex in order to attract the love of a particular man. But the most common mistake is that often the girls do not know how to properly cast a spell.

There are several strong and loyal conspiracies Vanga, with which you can not only attract love in your life, but also financial well-being and good luck.

Plot Vanga on love

This conspiracy of Vanga for love should be read on the night from Saturday to Sunday for a photograph of the object of your desire. Sit by the window, light a church candle and whisper exactly 9 times, pressing the photograph of your chosen one to your lips:

“The dark dawn rises, the power comes to my house with her. I’ll call black longing from the swamps of the dead. I will call the sorrow of death from the wells of rotten. The power of my word will come out not by the entrance door, not by the gate.

My thoughts will make their way to you by unknown paths, dark holes. Do not be free to you anymore and look at me with your eyes in love. May there be power in my words.

Let it be so. Amen».

After reading this Vanga love plot, put one drop of wax on the picture and put it under the pillow. Let the candle burn out and go to bed. Do this ritual for 9 weeks in a row, and the relationship with the designated person will change dramatically.

Plot Vanga on money

This is one of the most powerful money conspiracies. To conduct it is necessary on Friday, at sunset. Put on a new white shirt, dissolve your hair and sit face down in the eastern corner of the room.

Use the pen on the inside of your ring finger to draw any money symbol or simply write the name of the currency. Rest your finger on the corner and read the following money plot 3 times:

“I will summon the dark forces and the light forces to bow. Devils from the abyss of fire and angels from the skies of light. I will ask the terrible power of my house to attract the money bag and the success of the benefactor. I will ask the angels to teach them how to act decisively and correctly, so that my good will always remain with me.

And may it help me to overcome the burden that lay unbearable on my shoulders. Amen».

After the ritual go to bed. Hands can only be washed the next morning.

In order for all the conspiracies you uttered, Vanga would have the necessary strength, the most important thing to always remember is faith! If you doubt your own abilities and the power of perfect rituals, then there will be no sense from them. Try to concentrate and as clearly as possible imagine a picture of what exactly will be waiting for you in the future when the wishes are fulfilled.

And may these conspiracies of Vanga for love and money bring happiness and well-being into your life! And so that luck is always with you, do not forget to click and

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