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Plots on water: attract love, money, luck

Plots on water: attract love, money, luck

Water is a powerful conductor of energy, conspiracies and love spells committed on it, most often turn out to be the most effective. Learn how to attract love, money and luck with the help of water.

Conspiracy to love

If you are keen to attract love into your life, fall in love with a person and live a happy life with him, use a potent plot on spring water.

At midnight, pour water into the jug and tie a red woolen thread onto the jar, first knotting three knots on it, each of which will symbolize something. Tying the first one, say “Love!”, The second — “Happiness!”, The third — “Loyalty!”. Leave the jug overnight on the window.

At dawn, take out two small glasses and pouring charged water into them, say the text of the plot.

«May the hearts and souls of the servant of God (his name) and the servant of God (the name of a man) unite
Together we water will drain so that no one will dissolve or embroil.
Drink water for two, so that there is no end to love.

After that, drink half a glass of water from each container, and pour out the rest together and finish off presenting a happy life with your chosen one.

Money Conspiracy

A conspiracy to raise money must be pronounced near the entrance door, then the incoming energy will contribute to the effect. Take a glass container and pour ice water there, it should stand on the floor near the entrance to the house. Having risen above the liquid in the right hand you need to take a coin, and in the left gold product.

Speak the words of the plot loudly and slowly.

“As the river runs fast, so does the money flow to me.
Power in the water, in the clean, but cold.
Bring me wealth and prosperity.
In you is my strength and salvation. ”

Then throw the coin into the water and leave it for a few hours. She absorbs all the power of the conspired water and becomes happy, she should be constantly carried in her wallet to attract money.

Plot for good luck

The plot is read before an important matter in which you need to attract good luck. Warm water is collected in a large container and placed in front of a mirror. You need to put your hands in the liquid and looking in the reflection to say:

“I will go barefoot, I will return with luck.
All on my shoulder, not afraid of anything.
In all, success, yes luck «

Having uttered magic words, you need to wash your face with plenty of water and wash your hands with water.

The magic associated with water, from ancient times, was considered one of the most powerful, our ancestors often resorted to similar rituals. Over the decades, conspiracies have improved and become particularly potent. Use these methods and solve your life problems. We wish you good luck and do not forget to press the buttons and

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