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Plots on the water from the evil eye, damage and disease

Plots on the water from the evil eye, damage and disease

It is known that water has the unique property of “memorizing” information and transmitting it in its structure. This scientific fact was not known to our ancestors, but this did not prevent them, using special plots, to get rid of diseases and ills.

Water properties are not fully understood in our time. According to scientists, we are still waiting for many incredible discoveries related to the composition of water and its capabilities. From the point of view of bioenergy, water is truly priceless: with its help you can influence the energy field and get rid of negative influence, diseases and destructive energy.

Our ancestors were not familiar with any scientific theory of water, but understood all its power. Plots on the water passed from generation to generation, and the strongest of them came to our time.

How to get rid of spoilage with water

Plots of water from damage have the greatest power: with their help, you can completely neutralize negative energy, and in some cases return damage to the one who brought it. For the plot you need cool drinking water.

If you find yourself showing signs of damage or curses, then you need to pour water into a clean transparent glass, set it in front of you and take it with two hands. Close your eyes and speak the words of the plot, mentally looking into the water.

“Water-water, sister wind, earth — a daughter, fire — the enemy! The fire burns me, embraces me with a black flame, takes the silushka, burns my darling. Key water, extinguish the flame, take the embers, return the power! True! ”

Say this plot seven times, then drink all the water. The glass should be thoroughly washed and placed separately from the rest of the dishes.

If the damage or the evil eye began to manifest itself on the physical level, then the Source of Power water plot would be a good help. For the plot you will need a spring with water in which you can swim: a bath, a bath, or a lake or river in the warm season.

In the evening, prepare a clean towel and a new set of clothes. At nightfall, undress and dip into the water with your head three times. Then, without leaving the water, say the words of the conspiracy:

“Mother Water, life-bearing, I call you! Keys are boiling, mighty rivers, salty seas, huge lakes! Take away from me (name) all the ailment, all the pain, all the evil words spoken in the back, what the Moon and the Sun whispered, thrown into the eyes, for the eyes of the promised!

I will (name), like water, clean as a river, strong as the sea, bottomless! True! ”

After the conspiracy is uttered, you need to plunge back to the source three times. Then put on new clothes, and dip the old one into the spring and then wash it as usual.

How to get rid of diseases with water

Water can carry not only a destructive impact, but also diseases. The accumulated negative can be “given away” to the water stream and thus get rid of the pain. To plot on the water you need to wait for the evening and be left alone. Type water in the bath, plunge into it with your head, and then say the words of the conspiracy:

“With the pain to the mother-water comes the beast, the man and the bird. Mother Vodica, take off the dust-shakers, fevers and braziers, pain and black dust! As water is not counted, so I do not get sick century! True! ”

Repeat the plot seven times, then get out of the water and do not talk to anyone until morning.

With the help of water you can not only get rid of the negative, but also bring positive events to life. Knowing how to charge the water for the fulfillment of desire, you will be able to get closer to your dream. We wish you good health and only good mood. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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