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Plots on the water from drinking

Plots on the water from drinking

Alcohol undermines not only health, but also harmony in the family. When all methods are exhausted, conspiracies from drinking will come to the rescue. With their help, you can permanently cause aversion to alcohol in your loved one.

Anyone knows what threatens the use of large amounts of alcohol. However, this does not stop for some people, and drinking alcohol is becoming a daily norm. Over time, this addiction begins to destroy the body, psyche and human life.

Many people are turning away from patients with alcoholism, they lose their jobs and find themselves at the very bottom of society. Attempts of caring friends and relatives to help the patient sometimes do not bring results, and modern methods of treatment only temporarily relieve the alcoholic from craving for alcohol.

If you want to save the patient from the terrible dependence and at the same time keep a strong family, you will be helped by conspiracies from drunkenness, pronounced on the water. Thanks to the amazing properties of water to absorb, process and transmit information, soon you will permanently eliminate alcohol from the life of your loved one.

A conspiracy to stop drinking

Very often, people with alcoholism deny their addiction to alcohol, and therefore can not be treated. In this case, the conspiracy will help to heal him quietly, while the effectiveness of the treatment will not diminish.

Take a glass or a bowl, pour there sacred or ordinary drinking water, and then say:

“Your head is wild from hops, you revel in forbidden drinks for days and nights. Let it be your dependency, and you will be rid of the addiction of the pernicious forever. So be it!».

Give the patient a drink from this glass and repeat this ritual periodically. Soon you will notice that a dependent person will become more indifferent to alcohol, and eventually he will say goodbye to addiction.

Conspiracy to cause aversion to alcohol

Sometimes it is necessary not only to relieve the patient from the addiction, but to cause him aversion to alcoholic beverages forever. To do this you need melt or river water. Due to the influence of the sun and the surrounding nature, this water has the strongest positive energy, and its use will several times increase the effect of the conspiracy.

Every time the person suffering from alcoholism will drink again, try to quietly add some conspired water to him in alcohol.

«As it is unbearable to look at you now, you will not be able to watch alcohol too soon.»

Soon, a sick person does not want to drink, and one look at alcoholic beverages will cause him to disgust.

Plot from a long bout

Sometimes a confluence of circumstances or grief that has happened can even make an alcoholic from a non-smoking person. Periods of prolonged binge are especially terrible, when, after drinking all the money, the patient begins to take things out of the house, sell and drink the proceeds. If you or your loved ones are faced with this situation, then you can get rid of a long bout by conspiracy.

Before the start of the ritual, light a candle, put a glass of water next to it and say:

“No matter how grief, nor misfortune, nor disease can break you, so alcohol cannot break you. As this candle burns to the end, so I will drink your end long forever. Listen to my words and requests.

Let it be so!».

Wait until the candle burns out, and give a glass of water to a drunken man. If he refuses, you can quietly add conspired water to alcohol or food. After a few days, your loved one will stop drinking.

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