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Plots on the rain: attract love and good luck

Plots on the rain: attract love and good luck

Rain is a conductor of higher order energy. Together with him a stream of love and abundance descends on earth. With the help of conspiracy, you can use the mighty power of the water of heaven to your advantage.

It is known that water is an ideal conductor of any energy. And the one that falls from the sky to the earth differs in a particularly powerful energy. Therefore, it is safe to say that the plots on the rain are the most powerful catalyst for the fulfillment of your desires.

Heavenly water will help you to attract love, luck and happiness.

Positive energy of rain

Before conducting any strong conspiracy, it is necessary to tune in to a positive wave, to imagine the best result in the smallest details. Smile with your heart, preparing it for the adoption of new feelings, which will certainly be responding.

Get out in the rain, rejoice in the water of heaven and tell her about your desires. Share the fact that you are oppressed at the moment. Bad luck and loneliness should leave you and with rain drops dissolve into the ground.

As soon as the rain changes its direction or becomes even stronger, be sure — you have been heard.

A conspiracy on the water of heaven is carried out only in heavy rain. At this time, the energy flows are so strong that they break through any blocks that interfere with the fulfillment of your desires.

Be careful if the weather worsens even more. Peals of thunder, lightning and strong wind are signs that the Universe and nature are not ready at the moment to help you.

Heavy conspiracy to rain: attract love

This conspiracy will help you get rid of loneliness, find the love of a person for whom you have warm feelings, and even return your beloved / loved one.

Write your name on a piece of paper, and on the back name lover / sweetheart. You need to substitute a leaf under the raindrops. While the water is washing it, read the words of the conspiracy aloud:

“Rain is a powerful weapon with our separation and dislike, drops of it wash off our separation and loneliness. The beloved / beloved (name) will find out about me, let her mortal longing envelop her / his heart. Heavenly water merges us, our destiny and further life into a single whole. May my beloved not be able to live a day without me, let him be torment every day without me.

May the Higher Powers and the powerful rain help me. Let it be so!»

Love spell on the rain

Love magic increases in the rain. Thanks to the water element, you can bewitch any person. If you are still in search of your second half, then this ritual will help you find your personal happiness. It is enough to stand by the window during a heavy rain and say powerful words:

“As soon as water gets on a person who is destined to me by fate, I will immediately get his love. The rain will wash him from head to toe with an all-consuming love for me. As the water touches, so immediately find out about me and go look.

My word is strong, intentions are true. Let it be as I said / said. ”

Plot for good luck in the shower

Luck is a capricious lady, but thanks to the element of Water you will be able to pull her to you. As a result of the ritual, luck will accompany you throughout. During heavy rain or rain, go outside, spread your arms to the side and say the words to yourself:

“Water is a powerful force that helps me today. Heavenly water, underground, sea and saint gather in one, in the rain, which charges me. How many drops fell on my body — let so much luck break into my life.

The word is strong, but it is the right thing. ”

After that, go home. Do not forget to change into dry clothes and drink a hot decoction of healing herbs. Wet clothes do not wash a few days — it is saturated with sky water, which brings you luck.

These plots have a powerful energy that can open the door to you fortunately. During fine weather, special techniques will be an effective way to attract love. Do not wait for good luck to meet you, rush to her yourself. We wish you happiness, mutual feelings, success, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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