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Plots on pregnancy: read at home

Plots on pregnancy: read at home

The birth of a child is one of the most important events for couples. But unfortunately, many women can not get pregnant and know the joys of motherhood. If you still can not conceive a child, we suggest you take advantage of effective conspiracies.

What can make a woman truly happy? Of course, the feeling that she carries her unborn child under her heart. However, sometimes spouses have difficulty conceiving, and in some cases even modern medicine is powerless.

Hoping for a miracle, it is necessary to consolidate their attempts in additional ways. The experts at the site dailyhoro.ru offer you to take advantage of pregnancy plots, thanks to which you will soon be able to produce a new life.

The easiest conspiracy to be pregnant at home

This plot is best read in the New Moon, because at this time the Moon is at a stage of rebirth, and its energy can contribute to the acceleration of the result.

First, you need to retire in a separate room so that the energy of outsiders does not affect the effectiveness of the plot. Stand in front of the mirror, put your hand on your stomach and for several minutes, drive her stomach clockwise, saying these words:

“The moon is beautiful, every month you are born again, so help my child to be born. Give me a healthy baby, let me be happy. «

You need to repeat the plot during the week, and then you will notice the result very soon.

The strongest pregnancy plot

If you can not get pregnant for a very long time, in this case, you should use the strongest plot on pregnancy.

First you need to find three church candles and consecrated water. Early in the morning, until all your households have not yet woken up, light the candles and create a circle of them, in the center of which there will be a glass of water. After that, say:

“As the light of a candle in a voditsa is reflected, so in my soul the fire will kindle when the baby in my womb begins to conceive. May the Higher Forces respond to my cherished request. ”

After that, you need to drink the conspired water and wait until all the candles burn out. The remaining wax should not be thrown away. Be sure to keep it until the plot works.

Once this happens, leave it near the temple where you purchased the candles.

Quick conspiracy for pregnancy

Every woman who wants to have a child, more than anything, wants to see two cherished strips on the test. In order for this to happen more quickly, a pregnancy test should be the main attribute of this ritual.

During the rising moon, get a pregnancy test, and then put it under the pillow. Every day, before you go to bed, sit on a bed and say:

«As the moon grew, let it be an addition to my family.»

After a month you can use the test. In addition to it, you can purchase several other tests to verify the result. If you still could not get pregnant, do not stop.

Try to resort to the help of the plot again, and be sure that soon you will definitely see the desired two strips on the test.

Boy or girl — this question torments all future parents. You can find out the sex of the future child by the date of conception. We wish you and your children good health, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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