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Plots on health and longevity

Plots on health and longevity

Despite the development of science, traditional medicine is sometimes powerless. It remains only to rely on higher forces and conspiracies. Often, folk healers say that those people who are not able to help any drugs, have been the victim of the evil eye or damage.

And against black magic, only one defense is conspiracy.

If you follow some rules when reading a healing prayer, the conspiracy will have a beneficial effect on the patient’s body. It is best to read a prayer at sunrise or sunset. The place where the plot is pronounced is necessarily the eastern part of the room. It is advisable to read with an open window and with a lit candle, consecrated in the church.

When pronouncing a conspiracy, each word of prayer must be pronounced clearly, confidently and calmly. You need to believe in the words that you say and be sure that they really will work. To enhance the effect of the prayer, it can be pronounced any odd number of times.

Health plots can be divided into two types. The first kind is prayers for recovery. They must be read at the time of the direct course of the disease.

The second type of conspiracy is a prayer for health. It is read to prevent the disease, to strengthen the immune system and for prevention. Thus, a person, while still healthy, receives a large energy supply in the form of a conspiracy, which makes his body more robust and not subject to any diseases.

Consider a few conspiracies that were used even by our ancestors. The first conspiracy is a prayer read for spring water. It is necessary to take a glass of pure water from a spring and read a prayer to her: “Mother water is healing, you wash and you wash people. Help me, the servant of God (name) to be cured of (the name of the disease).

Deliver me from the torment and pain! Amen». After these words, you need to drink water and lie on the bed.

This conspiracy can help with small diseases as well as with exacerbations of chronic diseases.

The following conspiracy will help to get rid of pain: “Do not sherbi, and not Noah, and do not torture the servant of God (name) pain! As the moon wanes, so go with her. Let it be so. Amen».

During these words, you need to touch the sore spot with your index finger and drive them in a clockwise direction with circular smooth movements. If the pain does not go away, but after a few minutes you need to repeat the plot.

His ailment can be transferred to any subject. Usually the disease is transmitted to the tree. To do this, find a small sapling and touch it with your palms. Further, the words of the conspiracy should be pronounced: “The tree is alive, the tree is small, take away the sickness of God’s servant (name), let the disease weary you, and I take away your strength.

Amen». When the disease starts to go away, the tree begins to dry and rot, but if the tree is young and strong, then it can easily cope with this disease.

We hope that these conspiracies will be useful to you. Do not be ill!

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