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Plots on a broom: sweeping out of the house

Plots on a broom: sweeping out of the house

Previously, whisks and panicles had a special, sacral meaning. With the help of their forces, they expelled the evil, got rid of trouble, swept the lack of money. There are many conspiracies on the broom, which our ancestors used to attract well-being and wealth to the house.

How to sweep away negative, disease and negative energy from home

On a waning moon, sweep the whole house with a broom; concentrate all trash at the very entrance to the house, right at the doorstep. The threshold is considered the border between two worlds. Collect the garbage in the scoop, throw it out of the scoop into the bag and immediately cross the threshold of your house with the words: “Garbage to the garbage, good to good. I don’t need any evil, send it to where it came from. ”

Take out the garbage on the street with a broom. Go home without looking around.

As in the old days, they stole luck with a broom

In the old days there was a ritual by which they stole good fortune from richer and more successful people. To do this, they took a broom, went to the fence of the house of a lucky man, and began to sweep the land at the gate, sentencing the conspiracy to the broom: “I take your luck to myself” The collected land was brought to his home and thrown into his trash. This garbage should “spend the night” in the house the night.

After it can be thrown away. Of course, to take your luck in this way is hardly possible. But to take a little luck without harm for a happy neighbor is quite real!

What days to sweep to attract money

If you want not only to clean the house, but also to attract money, then popular wisdom recommends taking into account the days of the week when cleaning.

  • On Monday, you can not take revenge — you can lose money.
  • On Tuesday, revenge — you can find money. On this day, thanks to the cleaning, you can find last year’s nestles or lost money.
  • On Wednesday cleaning — the trade will go handily. Sweeping the floor on this day can bring good luck in business and sales.
  • On Thursday sweep the lack of money. To do this, open all the windows so that the dust, the energy of loss and poverty from the floor, can go out through the window.
  • Friday sweep — money to lose.
  • On Saturday, waving a broom — money to invite.
  • On Sunday, revenge — problems ogresti. This day was not intended for cleaning.

Sweeping the floor and wanting, thereby, not only to restore order, but also to attract good luck, do not forget to think about what you want to get rid of and what to attract. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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