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Plots on a bank card to bring money

Plots on a bank card to bring money

The world does not stand still and is developing rapidly, but signs and plots are still popular. If money has become not frequent guests in their pockets, they can be attracted by plotting to a bank card.

Each rite or ritual for money has its advantages and disadvantages. Plots for money do not tolerate self-interest and envy, you need to carry them out only if you really need a certain amount to overcome difficulties. The experts at the site dailyhoro.ru know which of them can be used to talk bank credit cards and payroll cards.

Use the rites wisely so that you will never have difficulties with material goods.

Plot on a bank card

To perform the ceremony you need to choose the most appropriate time. The best will be the period when the moon begins its growth. Her energy will help you increase wealth, eliminate the loss or theft of the card.

At night, place the card on a clean table, light it. green candle and focus. Imagine the amount you would like to receive. Take your time, try to see each bill or clearly imagine an SMS alert crediting the necessary funds to your account. After the image is in front of your eyes, say:

“Everything that I submit and come true will not be forgotten. Money attracts money, grows under the Moon. As the moon comes into effect, so will my wealth card.

No one will get in my hands will remain. «

The card can be used immediately after the ceremony.

Money Conspiracy

You can lure money to a card with the help of an effective and proven conspiracy. Take a large bill, wrap the card in it and say:

“Money becomes material, ready for cashing. As soon as the coin rushes under my feet, they will ask for money in my pocket. ”

Then, when you walk down the street and find any coin, step on it with your foot. The energy of an abandoned coin will help you attract material abundance.

Quick plot on profit

Hold the bank card in your hand and whisper:

“How much money around the world does not wander, and all trails lead to me. As I say, so be it. «

Leave the card at home next to the bill and a coin for a few hours so that the monetary energy “finds” you.

Rituals for money can be performed with ordinary money, putting a bank card between the notes. So you will be able to attract money luck on your side. In order to avoid material problems, keep the card in your wallet, which will also attract well-being and prosperity to your life. We wish you good luck and do not forget to press the buttons and

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