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Plots from barley, cuts and bruises

Plots from barley, cuts and bruises

Traditional methods of treating problems such as barley are known to many people, but not many people know that even cuts, bruises, sprains and headaches can be treated with conspiracies.

The legacy of our ancestors is not only man-made structures. Folk medicine of antiquity was based on knowledge of natural power, because before the arrival of Christianity, people believed in the gods of nature. Paganism left its bright mark on our history and the life of each of us. The legacy of the ancestors is conspiracies that activate the forces of nature for the benefit of man.

They can bring good luck in any area of ​​life or help cure diseases and ailments. You can familiarize yourself with all the conspiracies and rituals in our separate section.

Plots from barley

Barley is a fairly common disease, as a result of which a person has a small bump on the eyelid, inflammation. This may occur due to a cold or hypothermia.

It often happens that barley appears in the most inappropriate period of time, when a lot depends on the appearance. Barley is very unpleasant and painful, but you can get rid of it quickly with the help of rites and conspiracies.

  • The standard and most popular rite of barley requires the conduct of another person. An element of surprise is needed. When the patient does not expect, you need to stand in front of him and utter a conspiracy: “Barley, barley, here’s a cookie you want, then buy. Buy yourself a hatchet, chop yourself across. « When you say that, show the barley cookie. You can also wave your index finger as if you were scolding a child. After that, it is necessary to simulate or slightly spit in the eye of the patient. An alternative way is to do everything the same, but only by yourself — in front of a mirror.
  • Another ritual is the attachment of a comb. At this time, read the following plot: “Combing you, once and again. To leave you could eye. Let them never wait for you. Let everyone go away from you. ” It is also advisable to read three times, in front of a mirror. Read also our article on what folk remedies can cure barley to increase your chances of a quick recovery.

Plots from bruises, cuts and sprains

In everyday life there are often situations when we get cuts or bruises. It so happens that they raised something heavy and got stretched, reworked in the country and earned a sore back. Such situations can be a million, but natural and traditional medicine will help you to ease the pain and contribute to the rapid healing of wounds, bruises and other things.

The best rite for treatment in such situations is a “healthy look.” To begin, you will need to wash with icy water, then look in the mirror and say: “My eyes see the light. I will find the answer to all.

When I open my eyes, I will again become myself. ” After that, go to bed and rest. If you manage to sleep, it will be even better.

No wonder everyone says that rest helps to heal wounds. After waking up, you must read the plot again.

  • For fast healing of cuts, a conspiracy to read at least three times a day will help: “No tweaks, no aches, no blood, no wounds. Let it be so»
  • None of us are insured against bruises, therefore, to alleviate the pain and to get the bruise faster, use a special folk ritual. Attach something cold to the injury and speak the plot: “Chill runs through the body. Teach me a lesson. ”
  • For sprains and sprains, ask someone to massage the sore spot and say a conspiracy at this time: “My mother nature, be more kind to me. Umimi my pain, hurry. ”

Remember always that only faith in one’s own strength determines the power of conspiracy and ritual. Those who have to do this for the first time always count on the power of nature, but they do not understand that it depends on its own energy and strength of mind. Here the so-called law of attraction works, when your thoughts shape the reality around you.

The second half of success is the true power of nature, to which you appeal.

We wish you good health and good luck. Let no ills and diseases bother you. Let annoying barley, bruises, cuts and stretches bypass you and all those dear to you.

Read our article on how to maintain youth. This will be a great addition to the current article. Take care of yourself, your health. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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