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Plots for hair growth

Plots for hair growth

Hair has long been considered a conductor of energy, because at all times women have tried to maintain their beauty and health. One of the ways to accelerate hair growth, making them thick and shiny, is conspiracy.

The condition of the hairstyle can tell a lot about the health and integrity of the human energy field. In addition, the hair is most susceptible to negative magical effects, because women in Russia always wore a headscarf on their heads, and also resorted to small rituals so that the braids were thicker and longer. Healthy hair became invulnerable to an energy strike and was considered the main adornment of a woman.

Beautiful long hair is no less appreciated in the modern world. But now, unfortunately, they are much more often exposed to the destructive effects of the environment, so it is not so easy to make them healthy and thick. The ancient conspiracies can help: they not only accelerate the growth process, but also contribute to the fact that the hair will attract good luck and repel the negative.

Plot for hair growth on a comb

A hairbrush plot is pronounced every morning on those days when the moon is in a growth phase. Immediately after waking up, you need to sit in front of the mirror and comb your hair, presenting it as you would like to see. Combing, pronounce the text of the plot:

From top to bottom with a comb, I lead, from top to bottom hair grows. How many times I spend — they will grow so much. As the moon arrives, so length will increase.

Like stars in the sky, like leaves in a forest, the grass under your feet and the hair on your head are countless. The sun has risen — my hair has given its shine, protected them from every step. Amen.

You need to comb your hair evenly, starting from the left side of your head, moving along the circumference to the right. It is advised to talk a hairbrush in solitude and silence: avoid that at the time of the ritual someone else is reflected in the mirror in front of which you are.

Plot for hair growth on water

The plot on the water is pronounced at night before midnight on the day of the new moon. Pour into the container the amount of water that will be enough to rinse the hair. You can add chamomile, rosemary, calendula or any other herbs to your taste. The following words should be pronounced above the solution:

Water, the forces of nature in itself absorbed, always living and arriving, give my hair my strength. As in nature, everything is, how the leaves in the trees appear, how the new moon lights up in the sky, how the sun rises every day, let my hair add in length. The power of nature all multiplies.


After reading the plot you need to rinse your hair with a hemmed-up water. Keep in mind that you need to rinse them clean, so wash your head beforehand.

Conspiracy of the rising sun

The plot is read at the open window at the moment when the sun begins to rise from the horizon. Stand facing the window, and, running your hand through your hair from top to bottom, utter a conspiracy:

The sun rises from the bottom up and the hair grows from the top down. As the light rises every day, so the hair will grow every day. As no one will harm the sun, so my hair will not touch my evil eye.


This ritual does not depend on the lunar phase, so it will be effective on any given day.

Plots for the growth of healthy, long and lush hair will help you become more attractive and attract good luck. Be beautiful and successful, and do not forget to press buttons and

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