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Plots for all occasions

Plots for all occasions

In any life situation, you can pick up a simple but suitable plot. Such knowledge helps to soar over failures, lure wealth into the house and improve personal life. With their help, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from the evil eye and meet your love — you only need to say the right words in time.

Every person in his life at least once thought about their fate. Sometimes it seems that misfortunes and sypyatsya one after another. Unsuccessful marriage, problems at work, low salary, difficult relationship with the boss — as if some kind of curse hung over you and prevents you from simply becoming happy.

Long since people believed that failures are attracted by unclean and evil spirits, and fought against this as a serious problem. To this end, healers and sorcerers invented many rituals and plots that have survived to our days. The most part is relevant now as well, after all, troubles such as unrequited love or illness persecute people, as before.

Healing plots

If you are disturbed by a sudden toothache, you need to read the plot three times. His words are as follows:

Amuli, Amuli, let go of the disease, let it fly itself across the sky, it will not return to me, and Verena will only dream.

Also such text approaches:

In the name of the father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Came the old moon to the luminary
And says:
«Take from the servants of God (name)
A burr tooth, give her a bone tooth.

None of us is immune from a sudden cold or accidental cut. In order to heal wounds or heal from ailments, they read another slander:

Let my pain go,
Will not find a friend.
Flies in the open field,
Will not be back more.

This conspiracy is read by the patient himself, and soon he will feel relieved. If someone is sick nearby, you can use the following text:

Glad to take the disease (patient name)
Take her to Emelya.

Plots on money and on successful work

There are many conspiracies to attract money and good luck. One of them is called «happiness in the house.» It needs to be read three times, every day, doing it at sunrise:

Happiness in the house
And woe is gone.
Let him go to his yard.
I walk all the lands,
All the coins in the house I carry.

To enhance the effect of conspiracy often accompanied by the performance of rites. Fortunately, complex magical acts with bloody sacrifices remained in past centuries. Performing them without training and experience is fraught with consequences.

But rituals that are quite easy to perform have come down to us.

To conduct the enrichment ceremony, you will need a jug with a lid, three needles, one wax candle and salt. Place the needles in a jug, add salt to them and close tightly. After it will need to shake it three times with the words: «Money in the house, ruin out» and hide in a secluded place.

And to achieve success at work, at night, at the full moon, it is necessary to write such a conspiracy on a clean sheet of paper:

The ladder goes up, I stand on it, let it be so, and I will change my fate.
Said, done, come true.

After that, you need to carefully fold this sheet and carry it with you when you go to work. It is important that no one knows about him and in any case did not see — only then this conspiracy will surely work.

Conspiracies to attract a loved one

There are many conspiracies on the love theme, because the feelings have always stirred human hearts. For example, in order to get married soon, girls invented such a method. Late in the evening you need to whisper in the open window:

My brother, come to my house.
Drink, eat, dry out, lie down on the feather bed.
Key, lock, tongue.

Sometimes it happens that someone’s obsessive love sticks and does not give rest. In this case, a simple tool helps. Seeing the man who sighs for you in vain, look at him and say softly: “I am fasting you, I’m not nice to you, out of your eyes — down, out of your heart — out”.

So you save a lover from unrequited feelings and breathe more freely.

Finally, there is a plot for those women who want to tie the knot, but have not met the right person. In this case, sometimes talk about the crown of celibacy. He is told off like this:

Maiden around the world walks
Looking for happiness
Does not find it.
Favorite come
Sit on the porch.

This conspiracy fits unmarried girls. It should be read in the morning and before going to bed three times. As a rule, pleasant changes take place soon in private life.

Use conspiracies, influence your destiny, because your life is not only in the hands of the Higher Forces, but also in your own. The universe does not leave your ardent desire to change everything for the better, and your magic words will be heard. Sick less, be happy and lucky in love and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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