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Plots at home: let’s talk comb, broom and scissors for good luck

Plots at home: let’s talk comb, broom and scissors for good luck

Even the simplest things can be done as assistants in various spheres of life. Simple conspiracies at home will create abundance and wealth in your family.

Every day we use a large number of household items and do not even think that they can benefit us not only with their direct functions, but also to become a kind of luck talismans. Strong psychics can advise special plots to make amulets at home. True, such defenders are usually decorations or special figurines.

But in fact, you can use any object and speak it in a certain way to attract good luck, love, or to give it protective properties. It is very easy to choose an item; it’s enough to remember what you use most often: a comb, a toothbrush, a cup, a certain place for rest and the like. In all these cases, you can perform a certain ritual and during the use of this thing your desire will gradually begin to translate into reality.

Plots at home

We have only a few things to say. But if you have a desire to use another object, the effectiveness of the conspiracy will not diminish from this. You just need to feel its energy and purpose: it is logical that a wallet is easier and more effective to talk for money than for love.

With a pillow of your spouse, you are unlikely to drive away evil spirits from your home, but the door lock is suitable for this purpose.

Even in ancient times, to attract love, girls used their combs. Through their hair, they established contact with the Universe, sending it a request using their crest. He acted as an activator of desires.

Try this method and you. At bedtime, take a comb in your left hand, put it on an open palm and say these words: “I dissolve my hair, radiate beauty, attract love. Amen». After that, put the comb in your right hand and comb your hair properly.

Many psychics recommend the use of only wooden products to enhance communication with nature. And some use special rituals, where with the help of the elements you can increase your strength and call nature itself for help.

About value broom in the house you can talk endlessly. With it, they sweep away all the dirty and negative from the hut. They are also attracted to wealth and abundance.

To do this, during the cleaning of the room, start sweeping from the front door deep into the house and at the same time repeat the phrase: «Sweeping up the dirt, attracting wealth.» In this way, you simultaneously clear everything from the negative and attract abundance to the vacant space. An important point: sweeping into the house without a conspiracy, you do not get rid of negative energy, so do not forget about special words.

Scissors They are also a universal tool with which you can change the course of events. If the most successful period has not come in your life and the obstacles come one after another, you can correct your situation with the help of scissors.

Take a piece of paper and write on it everything you want to get rid of and what prevents you from living happily. Write absolutely everything that does not suit you in life, even if it takes a certain amount of time, but even small details should not be overlooked. After that, take the sheet in one hand and the scissors in the other and say the words: “I cut all the misfortunes, I cut all the obstacles. I let new rewards into my life.

Amen». Repeat three times, and then cut the sheet into small pieces, the smaller the better. After that, burn, and the ashes develop in the wind.

At first glance, everything is very simple, but it is these simple ways that have helped people over the years. The effect of conspiracy can be enhanced by special affirmations that help tune in to the desired wave. But you should always remember that water does not flow under a still stone, and to get a result you need to start moving towards the goal. Believe in the best, enjoy life and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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