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Plots and signs of good luck to Friday 13

Plots and signs of good luck to Friday 13

The day that is traditionally considered unlucky in many countries is approaching is Friday. 13. It is known that even some politicians and people of art were really afraid of this day.

Than guilty Friday 13

Friday 13th is one of the superstitions that is firmly rooted in our minds. Until now, many believe that it is better not to leave the house once again on this day.

From the point of view of numerology, besides history and superstitions, there is a certain sacred meaning in the devil’s dozen. And indeed, numerologists about this day tell a lot of negative.

This day is associated with the coven of witches, failures, cutting at every step and all the negative, what you can think of. Such confidence is justified or not, judge for yourself.

Many biblical legends indicate the unluckiness of the number 13 in combination with the day Friday: both Adam and Eve were expelled from Paradise that day, and Cain killed Abel on Friday 13.

There is also one very clearly recorded historical event associated with this day: in 1307 a decree was issued about the arrest of members of the Order of the Templars, extremely powerful at that time. As a result, the majority of its members were accused of the most serious sins, heresies, and sentenced to death.

Why is Friday 13 unlucky

If you are superstitious, you really may not be lucky. Perhaps you should not be too afraid of this day such banal signs, like a black cat: you can easily get rid of its bad influence. But there are signs that are particularly strong on Friday 13 and will definitely lead to trouble.

  • avoid the words «pig» and «hell», never say them out loud;
  • it is recommended not to look back on the way from work;
  • new cases started on this day will not lead to success;
  • dye your hair in red color is not worth it. This was considered a sign of a witch.
  • clothes of brown or rusty shade will surely bring you trouble;
  • if it rained on that day and you uncover an umbrella in your house with which you walked along the street, be sure to wait for failures;
  • do not recommend also look for a long time in the mirror before going to bed;
  • refuse haircuts and nails;
  • do not stand under the stairs and at the junction of paving slabs.

How to get rid of the bad influence of Friday 13

One of the methods proposed long ago is to draw a five-pointed star on both palms and not erase it until the end of the day, thus protecting yourself from all evil. But conspiracies specifically for this day will help.

First conspiracy

When you wake up on Friday 13 immediately pull out a hair and say the following words: “The hair from my head, save me this day from the witch intrigues of evil and fatal failures. Take my word and lock it up on the lock, let it be firm as steel and lead away the sadness from the side. So be it now and always, Friday 13 is not terrible for me. ”

Wrap the hair in a piece of paper and put it under the pillow.

Second plot

You can also talk some part of your wardrobe, for example, a jacket in which you go to work. Before putting it on, sprinkle it three times lightly with water, saying: «Clean — clean, and the dirt — the dirt, so that evil did not get to me«. Then fold this T-shirt and say the plot: “You cover my body, protect it from the cold and the wind, as if you are hanging a shield on me, and you will uncover the misfortunes. Take the word, hold tight, lock the key and now come to execution. ”

Plot repeat three times. Not bad, if the plotted part of your wardrobe is blue.

If it seems to you that this is not enough to defend on Friday 13, there are special plots for you on a failed day. Find positive moments in every day and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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