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Plot from the evil eye on the needle

Plot from the evil eye on the needle

Needles are often used in magical rites. It is believed that this object acts as a powerful amplifier of magical energy. Healers and sorcerers have long known that the metal is its conductor, and with the help of an ordinary needle eye, one can greatly influence the energy flows around.

Power needles

The needle often appears in the rituals of people around the world. If you delve into history, you can find the rites of the ancient Indians or peoples of Africa — it was from there that the well-known voodoo doll came to us. The needle is one of the main requisites of Vedic rituals. This is due to the fact that it enhances energy.

In order to influence a certain person for any purpose, it is necessary to choose the right conspiracy and conduct a ritual. The needle will increase the effect of your spell several times.

Since ancient times, the needle and used as protection, and as a way to send misfortune. If people wanted to escape from the evil eye, they wore a pin pinned to the lining, or a needle sewn into clothing. At the same time to find this item was considered a bad sign.

Throwing a needle meant that the witch wants to get rid of the disease and «puts it» on you. A needle found on the street should never be lifted. If you accidentally found it in a new, just acquired clothes, it means that the seamstress wanted to transfer her burden to the one who will wear this thing.

Needles were hidden in the doorposts and in the walls, envious people or unkind neighbors sometimes spoil it in this way. It does not carry strong energy, but it can lead to a series of troubles.

How to protect yourself from the evil eye with a needle

Anyone can send the evil eye or even damage — even someone who does not understand magical rituals. Enough to go to the Internet or a bookstore — it is easy to find a book of conspiracies and a lot of ways to harm your foe. Just in this case protective plots and charms are invented.

To guard against disaster, you need to follow a few simple rules.

First, never pick up even studs on the street from the ground. This is the most common danger associated with the needle — this is how they “shift” their misfortune to another person. Such a find can carry anything, ranging from a slight damage and ending with a serious illness.

Secondly, pay attention to your clothes and appearance. A person who wants to harm you can hide a needle in your clothes or personal items.

But with the help of a needle you can create and the strongest amulet. Conspired, it can not only protect against the evil eye, but also give strength to the owner.

Plot on the needle

There are several ways to create a protective amulet from a needle. You can make a talisman with a needle, thread and buttons. But the strongest defense will be the guardian of the needles themselves, if you pre-speak them.

The universal conspiracy for such a case is called the «protective cross.» For the ritual you will need to buy red threads and two small needles. Then fold them so that the cross, and fasten the thread. Then in the evening at home, read the following plot:

A cross is made of needles so as not to let evil into the house. Those with good intentions, we welcome him, but with bad ones — we do not allow him on the threshold. He who desires grief, go to the other door and curse the whip there.

There is no evil in my house, this is my desire and my answer!

Amulet in the form of a cross must be hung in front of the entrance to the dwelling or hidden under the door under the entrance door.

Another non-weak charm has the name «protector from the enemy.» For it you will need three new needles. They will need to be washed in clean water and wait until they dry.

Then you need to stick them in front of the entrance, again in the form of a cross. The third needle to hold around the perimeter of the door and read with the following plot:

My house has three guards, two in the door, the third is watching, and all evil spirits are cast out. Evil and greedy otgonu, and luck lure. Let it be so!

One of the most important defensive conspiracies is personal, made to protect one person. Personal protection is different: amulets, pendants, amulets. One of the most simple but effective is the needle of protection. To do this, you need to thread a needle and twist it around the needle, whispering to it:

The needle is sharp and red thread — evil will not let, will protect from trouble. Let it be so!

You should always carry this amulet with you and in no case show anyone, even the closest ones. The thread must be fixed so that it does not jump out of the needle eye.

These plots and charms can protect you from almost all misfortunes, averting the evil eye and the negative impact of hostile people. Protect yourself and your loved ones and do not forget to press buttons and

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