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Plot from debts and creditors

Plot from debts and creditors

«You take someone else’s, and you give yours,» — this phrase is the best fit for the description of debts. Few people like to incur debt obligations, but often they simply cannot do without it. An effective conspiracy against debts and loans will help you quickly get your money back and start living for your pleasure

The custom of borrowing came to us from ancient times. Our ancestors also used this way to get something concrete here and now, without being able to pay for it right away. Nowadays, imagine a life without loans is almost impossible.

We are so used to all sorts of installments that it is considered the norm of our life. How to get rid of this eternal bondage? A conspiracy to get rid of debt will help you change your life in such a way that the money will no longer go away from you and will go into your own hands.

Applying this conspiracy, you will only have to manage to take all the cash flows, which now will be sent to you.

Plot from debts and loans

For the ritual you need a small white candle and a purse that you use. The white color of the candle means cleansing the entire space around and making room for financial gains. The wallet does not have to be new.

The main thing is that you use it now.

The ritual is performed in the evening before bedtime. They need to do alone, so that no one distracts you. Sit comfortably, put a candle in front of you and light it.

Take the wallet in hand, open it and start taking out everything inside, putting it on the table: money, cards, business cards, coins, etc. When you take everything out of the wallet, say the following phrase: “As this wallet clears, so my debts evaporate.«. Speak the wallet until it is completely empty.

After you have cleared your wallet, you need to leave it empty at night. During this time, he will be cleansed of all the negative energy that prevented the flow of money. Therefore, it should remain open throughout your sleep.

And in the morning, put all things back into it and use it as usual.

Ritual features

When you put all the things out of your wallet, look carefully at them. Money loves cleanliness and order. Pay attention to the state of the banknotes: are they crumpled up and are in disarray or are they really put the shirt up?

Or maybe you carry checks with tickets in your wallet? Then they need to be thrown away. In Feng Shui, there are a number of tips on how to handle money and what to keep in your wallet.

The thing is that things that do not belong to money — candy wrappers, notes, chains, even business cards — block the flow of finance. There is simply no place for them in your wallet. Therefore, before you re-clean everything in your wallet, conduct a strict audit and throw out all the garbage that was there.

In the universe, there is a law: «good to respond to good.» With money there is a similar situation. If you love money, then they will reach for you.

After all, we always want to be with those who meet us with love and joy. Get rid of debt, attract money into your life, do not forget to share useful tips with friends and press buttons and

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