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Plot for weight loss before bedtime

Plot for weight loss before bedtime

With the onset of spring, the amount of clothing hiding those extra pounds is also decreasing. Therefore, many people want to lose weight as quickly as possible. However, it is not always possible to make sure that he does not return.

The best and most effective way at all times is physical activity. Even two sports activities a week lasting one hour will have a beneficial effect on your body. Strong muscles last longer, and mobility improves mood.

With a standard sedentary lifestyle, physical activity is really important. Choose what suits you best: swimming, morning jogging or gymnastics, aerobics, and maybe dancing. Some diets lose weight will not work.

Under the diet should be meant only a restriction in the use of harmful foods rich in fats in quantities greater than necessary. Moreover, with the onset of spring, more truly fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins appear.

It happens that the body reacts to exercise and cleansing of harmful substances from the diet slowly or not well enough. For such cases and for those who have a weight after some time returns to the previous value, there is a conspiracy that will definitely help. Keep in mind that conspiracy to lose weight is best with a waning moon, and with a growing phase and a full moon can have a completely opposite effect.

Plot for weight loss before bedtime

You will need your personal towel, which you wipe after a shower. After completing the water treatment, whisper a towel: “Every day I wipe you, get rid of the wet water. I will now be pounded and get rid of excess weight «.

Next, turn around in a towel and begin to rub all the problem areas, constantly saying: “As you collect water, you also reduce my weight. I will be slim, beautiful and envy, and marvelous”. Repeat these words until you are completely warmed and the body is dry.

Next, continue to speak the towel: “I’ll shake the towel, take off the excess weight. So that, like drops, those extra pounds have been scattered and I have not become boring again. Get off of me!

Get off me! Get off me once and for all! Fulfill here and now, order! «.

Repeat these words three times and shake the towel away from you three times. Do not wrap it up anymore; hang it to dry. The plot can be repeated every evening after taking a bath for a week is no longer desirable. Towel all this time you need to use only the one that you spoke.

After the day when you last conspire, throw a towel in the wash.

This plot is very strong and valid in most cases. Lose weight with the mind and health benefits, all the best to you, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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