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Plot for a gift for a man: a strong spell

Plot for a gift for a man: a strong spell

Any woman wants to connect her life with her beloved man, fill the relationship with happiness and prosperity. But sometimes beauty and female attractiveness do not help to win a lover. If all attempts are in vain, a strong conspiracy for a gift will help you.

Women often face an unrequited love that does not allow them to live happily. Sometimes it is only necessary to push a beloved man to a relationship so that his feelings awaken, but not all women have enough strength and patience to do it. Sometimes one woman’s femininity and beauty is simply not enough to attract the attention of a man, and there’s no way to do without magical rituals.

These include many mounds and rituals. Some of them can be spent at home: for example, conspiracy on a gift will be an effective way. Such a love spell does not carry in itself any threat neither to the woman who will speak the subject, nor to the man to whom this present is intended.

Ritual features

This rite can be attributed to the strongest love spells. One of the main features of this love spell is that the man will be in direct contact with the plotted thing. As a gift, it will fall into the hands of your beloved and will have a strong impact on him.

Why is the gift plotting strong? When gifts are given to us from the heart and a pure heart, it is always pleasant, even if it is a trifle. A person who has been presented with a thing starts to treat the donor with warmth and sympathy. If this gift is much loved by a man, he will constantly admire it, simultaneously remembering you, and this is already a plus.

If this subject is also spoken, then the man will surely open his heart to you.

The choice of a gift must be taken with great responsibility, since much depends on the thing you are going to give. It will be good if you learn as much as possible about what your beloved is interested in, what his hobby is. It is very important that a man likes this thing.

If he does not like the gift and throw it away, or worse, give it to someone else, the whole ritual will collapse and it will be much harder to get the attention and love of this man. To avoid this, do not skimp on money. When you buy a gift, it is better to pack it in a beautiful box.

You can make a gift with your own hands, but very high quality and beautiful.

Love spell for a gift made by yourself

Women who are fond of sewing or knitting can knit a beautiful sweater or scarf to their beloved. At the time you will make this gift, say the words:

“My welcome, forever you will be mine. My fate forever with your intertwined. From the depth of my soul and my heart, I give you a present and leave a piece of my soul in it.

On cold days, you will keep warm with this thing, remembering me. Our destinies are intertwined with invisible threads. From now on, we will always be together, our hearts will beat in unison, we will live life together in happiness and joy. So be it so.


When the thing is ready, give it to your beloved. Love spell will act immediately, as soon as he starts to wear it or admire it. If this gift really pleases your loved one, then you will be able to notice the result of the plot in a week.

A strong love spell for a gift for a man

If you are not fond of needlework, then a purchased gift will be suitable for the ceremony. When you choose it, you can proceed to the ritual of a strong love spell. It should be carried out only in the evening.

Before you start a conspiracy, you should read the prayer «Our Father» three times. Then take the thing you are going to give the man in your right hand and read:

“I, the servant of the Lord (name), love and respect the servant of God (the name), so he with the same love let me open my heart and soul. Let him think only of me, and when I am not around, he wants to see and talk with me. Let me only stretches and his love only gives me. Let no one, except me, in his thoughts and heart be.

From now and forever. Amen. Amen.


On the same day, when you perform a spell, you can give the plotted thing to your beloved. If he likes the gift, he will surely show his interest to you in a few days.

Sometimes it is very difficult to achieve the love of a man without conspiracies and love spells. These love spells are very strong and do not have bad consequences if you have good intentions and do not want to harm your loved one. We wish you happiness, strong love and faith. Successes, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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