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Pagan conspiracy to wealth and prosperity

Pagan conspiracy to wealth and prosperity

Our ancestors also used strong pagan conspiracies to attract wealth and well-being. Some rituals have come down to our time.

In ancient times, people believed in the pagan gods and worshiped them. Our ancestors were made to bestow each of these powerful otherworldly beings with superhuman abilities. This was done in order to appease them and get help in their earthly affairs.

Many traditions, rituals and plots have come down to our days. And upon closer examination it can be understood that in fact nothing has changed since those ancient times. People still ask for help from the forces of nature, turn to the fact that they are stronger than them, and seek protection and support from the elements.

And there is nothing wrong with that. It is nature that gives us strength, fills with inspiration and energy for new achievements. The whole Universe helps us in getting what we want.

The main thing is to believe in your dream and strive for it in all possible ways.

Pagan conspiracy abundance

The ritual of coaxing Water has been practiced for a very long time. Water is vital not only to man, but also to all living things on earth. That is why our ancestors regularly appealed to the magical creature living in reservoirs for help.

Water personifies fluidity, the ability to wash away all bad and revive.

Find any natural body of water, such that the water was running. The river is perfect for this conspiracy. If you get to it for a long time, then the usual trickle of melting snow will be a suitable substitute.

However, tap water is not suitable. The ritual should be performed on women’s day: Wednesday, Friday or Saturday. Go to the pond, look at the flow of water, try to imagine that you are part of this river or streamlet.

The conspiracy will be most effective if you put your hand in the water itself, but provided that this action is safe for you. Then say the following phrase: “Water, Water, give me rest. I am calm for my wealth and well-being. Take away all the trouble with me.

Bring abundance and wealth to my family. The keys are clean, and my word is strong and molded. ”

After that, you need to bring some gift to the Waterman. It can be anything, the choice is yours. Make a paper boat or a small lash in which your gift will lie, and let it go with the flow.

Another effective conspiracy was considered any ritual using the land. Everyone knows that she feeds us, and for ancestors the concept of well-being and wealth meant a good harvest. Take a small handful, wrap it in a rag or small bag and bring it to the house.

In the evening, stay in solitude, light a church candle, lay the ground nearby and say the following: “Mother Earth, I am grateful to you for all the gifts that you present to my home. Please give me abundance and well-being, grant deep rivers and strong sprouts to everything that my hands will take. My word is stronger than stone, my strength is with me. ”

After that, blow out the candle and leave the ground on the table. In the morning, pour it into a flower pot to any flower. After a while, you will see how the potted plant begins to grow even more. This means that the ritual has worked, and now you have your own money tree or flower in your house.

If the opposite effect occurs, and the plant dies, it means that it took over all the negative, directed in your direction. In this case, just repeat the call with the new land, and leave this with gratitude on the street.

Many eschew pagan conspiracies and find them ineffective. However, it all depends on your faith and determination. These methods help to enlist the support of the elements and attract the necessary cash flow into your life. Believe in yourself, strive for dreams and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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