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Morning conspiracy for luck and success

Morning conspiracy for luck and success

Everyone knows the catch phrase «Good morning does not happen.» The esotericists do not agree with this: they argue that it is in the morning that you can be charged with positive energy, luck and strength for new accomplishments.

Morning can be kind and happy for everyone. If you are not sure about this, perhaps the article compiled by experts of the site dailyhoro.ru will help you to take a fresh look at this time of day.

It turns out that it is in the morning that the Universe is most receptive to our requests and desires. For this reason, the esoteric advised to read plots of luck and success exclusively in the morning hours. Morning is a magical time, bearing the energy of the beginning.

Having intercepted the positive flows of the Universe and having strengthened their strength with the morning conspiracies, you can make luck your constant companion.

Plot for luck every day

Every morning you can start with this conspiracy. He will help to gain luck literally in all spheres of life.

Cooking breakfast is the first thing we do when we wake up in the morning. Therefore, it is possible to recite a conspiracy while you are making coffee, cutting bread or making scrambled eggs:

«Gracious (product namefor example, bread), ward off any ailment, prevent misfortunes, give more happiness. ”

Eat a good-luck breakfast, dividing it with your loved ones.

Plot for luck before leaving the house

Many practitioners recommend reading the plot for good luck, leaving home. After all, he helps to choose the right path, to meet only good people and intercept the best opportunities. Before you read the words, you need to grasp the doorknob with your left hand and cross the threshold with your right foot. When you are ready, repeat five times:

“God, protect Your servant from harm, from the blues, fuss. Smash the evil and luck put me on. Fortunately, I pray, bring me.


After reading the plot, you can send on business. But remember: you can not go back home if you forgot something there. As soon as you cross the threshold of the house, the plot will lose its power.

Morning conspiracy from Vanga for success

Vanga believed that morning was the most beautiful time for awakening and attracting happiness. Staritsa was sure that it was at sunrise that the energy of the beginning and order was striving towards people, and in order to direct it in the right direction, it was necessary to perform a small ritual. To do this you will need a cup or glass of spring water. Leaning over the water, read the plot five times:

“Voditsa-voditsa, let you get drunk, let wash and good luck recharge. Five drops for luckavoid bad weather, three drops of successfrom failure, and a great sea of ​​luck. My words will come true.


How to attract success and happiness in the morning

Every morning is happiness, and you have to agree with that. Stop waking up in a bad mood, remember that your day and your success over it is the result of your attitude towards life. From the morning create for yourself an atmosphere of good luck and joy. Think of the best, drink your favorite drinks, take a douche, eat from beautiful dishes, do not load yourself in the morning with bad news, better turn on good music.

Begin to thank the higher powers for a wonderful day. The more happiness you radiate, the less negativity will haunt you.

The phenomenon of the “successful morning effect” is that even in the most difficult times, the right morning mood can change life. Morning conspiracy for luck and good luck a huge amount. Listen to yourself to choose the one that will help attract luck specifically for you. We wish you a great mood, success, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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