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Money Magic: Strong Debt Conspiracies

Money Magic: Strong Debt Conspiracies

Many people are faced with the fact that the debtor does not want to give the borrowed finance back. You can rightfully return your money by money magic.

It is known that money has energy, which can be both attracted and repelled. To finance always come back, you need to be able to properly lend them and provide them with positive energy. By providing monetary assistance, you charge cash flows in such a way that you can ultimately increase your own financial condition.

But sometimes people respond to such support scornfully and are in no hurry to return the borrowed amount.

To encourage the debtor to fulfill its financial obligations, one should take advantage of strong conspiracies to repay the debt. Such ceremonies require compliance with all rules. You should resort to them if you are sure that your debtor is purposefully trying to keep the money for himself.

How does money magic

With the help of money magic, you can influence the subconscious of an unreliable person and force him to return your property in the shortest possible time. Such conspiracies will cause the debtor a sense of shame, anxiety and fear. The person will unknowingly want to give you back money, he will be visited by obsessive thoughts about a bad act and will be chased even in a dream.

Conspiracies have such a powerful force that even an organism of a person who loves to live at someone else’s expense will suffer. The first signs will appear the day after reading the conspiracy. Your hands will itch, skin irritation will occur, especially on the one that the person took from you. The body will begin to burn, as at a temperature, the cheeks will be covered with a blush.

And touching the money will cause nausea and pain, as with a burn.

If it happens that the money does not come back to you in a month, then the debtor can be overtaken by serious financial problems. Perhaps he will lose much more than he previously held from you. But such cases are very rare, usually in a month the debtor does not stand up and fully returns everything borrowed from you.

Once you get the property back, the plot will lose its power and the person’s torment will end.

Strong matchstick plot

For the ritual will require a box of matches, a church candle and a small shallow plate of water. The conspiracy has the greatest force during the growing moon: at this time the chance of receiving money increases several times. It is necessary to conduct the ritual in the evening and in solitude so that no one can disturb you. A burning candle should be held in your right hand, and your left should take one match out of the box and ignite them from the flame of the candle.

You have to burn each match in turn, throwing them later in a saucer with water. While you are performing these actions, you should read the magic words. The power of this ritual is based on repetition.

The more times you speak a conspiracy until all the matches are finished, the sooner you will be repaid. Plot text:

“The flame of fire will help me (my name) envelop the soul of an dishonest person and make him return my right! By the power of the Lord, I pray that (your debtor’s name) suffer torments of torment and be deprived of rest until he gives up every penny he has taken away with his cunning and self-interest. Return it! Return and blaze with shame!

Chur me.

Coin conspiracy to return debt

This ritual is suitable for those who want to force the return of the money of a loved one or relative. Such magic cannot harm the health and material well-being of the debtor. You will have to get a coin of average denomination, preferably silver. To speak it should be early in the morning, and after — bury under any coniferous tree.

Be sure to remember where you buried the coin, because after you return the money you’ll have to get it and give it to the person you plotted to. Magic words:

“A buried coin will help to send (your debtor’s name) a refund. All that he took, he will give me. As the money falls into my hands, so I will immediately dig out the coin and forget all the insults. ”

Conspiracy on the candle

To make the ritual go well, you need a green candle. You can purchase the attribute of the ritual in a specialty store, or you can use a decorative candle. The text should be read once at night every day until the debtor returns the full amount to you.

After the ritual, the candle should be hidden in a secluded place, so that no one can break the energy sector, which has been told to return the debt. Words to read:

“My money, find your way to your master. Walk away from the hands of others, from another’s house back into my hands. The element of Fire, do not let sleep (the name of the debtor), let his thoughts about me and the fear of retribution prevail.

So it will be until the money comes back to me. Amen».

Such ceremonies will help you in the event that you lend money voluntarily. They will make the debtor feel the pangs of conscience and push for a quick return of debt. And in order to multiply your money, you can read the plot on a bay leaf, which will attract good luck and prosperity into your life. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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