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Money Conspiracies: Attracting Wealth and Luck

Money Conspiracies: Attracting Wealth and Luck

Every day you can just go to work and look forward to the end of the working day. But for more effect, try to use conspiracies that will increase your profits and attract good luck.

There are many techniques for attracting money, but they will all be useless if you decide that after applying them you don’t need to do anything else. Any ritual is only one of many tools to achieve goals, and if you don’t put even minimal effort, then nothing will come of it.

The most important condition in every conspiracy is the belief in success and the desire for results. Of course, everything can be achieved without the support of the Higher Forces, but with them you will succeed much faster, and also you will be able to avoid many obstacles and mistakes.

Plots of wealth and fortune

The first way will help those who want to increase wages or move up the corporate ladder. To do this, you will need a bill that you received as payment for your work.

Wait until the day you receive your salary and select one of the large banknotes. It can be a thousandth or five thousandth piece of paper. In the evening of the same day, set aside a few minutes so that no one bothers you, and do the following. Sit comfortably and clamp the bill between your palms.

Then say the phrase three times: «I am letting money in circulation, I multiply my income.»

After that, close your eyes and imagine that your income increases. If you want to receive a specific amount of money, you can imagine how you recount banknotes. As soon as you reach the required amount, tear off your eyes.

The next day you need to buy what you want with this paper money. The charged bill should not be with you longer than one day, otherwise the ritual will not work, and you will need to start all over again.

The second conspiracy helps to attract new sources of income and interesting opportunities. In this case, you also need to choose a banknote that you are willing to spend on the desired thing. And you can not buy food or other necessities.

When you decide on the amount, visit one of the most expensive boutiques in your city and be sure to buy something for yourself there. It is not necessary to make a smart purchase, and then borrow money until the payday. You can buy a not very large thing, as long as it is in an expensive store.

At that moment, when you will pay for it, say the following phrase to yourself: «I spend money on myself, I attract good luck to myself.»

The purchased item will help you understand the psychology of wealth. It can also be used as a money mascot, because it is charged with the energy of successful people.

Such rituals not only attract financial flows into our lives, but also give confidence and charge with monetary energy. Do not be afraid to make your dreams come true, trust your heart. and of course do not forget to press the buttons and

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