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How to win a man: three strong conspiracy to love

How to win a man: three strong conspiracy to love

Every woman wants to be loved, but not always the object of love reciprocates. When all attempts to achieve personal happiness fail, you can turn to popular wisdom. Conspiracies to love will help get a reciprocal feeling.

Traditionally, in establishing a love relationship, the man was assigned the main role. He — the initiator of dating, and later the earner and the head of the family. The modern world blurs the line between traditional male and female functions, and women climb the career ladder and independently win men’s hearts.

However, some of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are still hard given the manifestation of the initiative when they met, and the strong ladies in my heart always want to be the object of conquest, and not the conqueror. In these cases, knowledge that came to us from the depth of ages can help: a woman in love only needs to read the plot, and the man will act independently and win her love.

In the case of a strong unrequited love on the part of a woman, conspiracies will help draw the desired attention and reciprocity. And for those whose relationship is cracked, the conspiracy will warm up the cooled love, fix problems and regain happiness.

Conspiracy on mutual love

Conspiracy is necessary in solitude and silence. Remember that the effect generates not only the text, but also the environment, and the feelings that you experience at the time of the ritual. Therefore, you should focus as much as possible on your desire and clearly present the image of the person to whom this plot is intended.

The conspiracy to get reciprocity from a person to whom you have unrequited feelings is read at the dawn, at the moment when the sun begins to rise over the horizon. If the sun is visible from your window, stand in front of it and open the window frame. If you live on the shady side, you need to go outside.

Face east and look at the rising sun, blinking as little as possible. Say the plot text three times:

The sun after darkness lights up — in you the love for me lights up. As I cannot take my eyes off the sun, so look at me. Morning with the sun is inseparable, and we will be inseparable.

As the light of the sun does not fade, so your love will not fade away. Amen.

Three times bow to the east and go home. Try to meet with the man the conspiracy is directed to on the same day. Soon you will start receiving signs of attention from his side.

A conspiracy to kindle cooled love

It is suitable in the event that long-term relationships are shaken, the man began to show interest in other women and stopped paying attention to you.

A small piece of bread and a pinch of salt are needed for the plot. You need to pronounce it in the room where the bed is, where you are sleeping with your husband. Stand facing the bed, take bread in your left hand, and salt in your right hand. Salt the bread, saying the following words:

Bread and salt are inseparable, father and mother meet with bread and salt, newlyweds are treated with bread and salt. So we are inseparable, so will we meet children, and so will we remain newly married for life. Feelings will not fade away, you will not leave the family box further.


Cross your bed, and then eat half the conspired bread. The second half should eat your husband. After some time, his love will flare up with a new force, and the harmony in the relationship will be restored.

Conspiracy to create feelings

Suitable for those cases where a woman is embarrassed to take the initiative, but at the same time wants a relationship.

This plot is pronounced at night before the candle. With the image of a man in your head in which you want to awaken feelings, look at the fire and read the following text:

The candle is burning — in you love is warming. Burning to the middle — your love will come to me. Burn feelings brightly, brighter than fire.


Candle must burn to the middle. Then extinguish the flames and go to bed. Soon the man will begin to seek your favor.

Before turning to the power of conspiracies, think carefully about whether you need a person’s love, because such prisushki have a strong and lasting effect. We wish you strong love, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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