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How to attract money and luck in September: 3 effective conspiracies

How to attract money and luck in September: 3 effective conspiracies

In the autumn, energy changes, so luck is especially necessary for everyone. In September, you can enlist the support of fortune through simple but effective plots.

You can bring luck and wealth to life at any time of the year. But in September, fortune is the most accessible to everyone who tries to enlist her support. It is not difficult to do this if you know a few effective conspiracies that will help attract luck and success.

Three Candles Conspiracy

This is one of the most effective and popular conspiracies for good luck and profit. You will need three large multicolored candles: green, red and white. These colors were not chosen randomly, since each of them has its own symbolic meaning, which is important for performing the ceremony:

  • white candle — The symbol of the person who utters this conspiracy. It always stands in the center, opposite the person;
  • green candle — a symbol of wealth and monetary profit. Located to the left of the white;
  • red candle — A symbol of good luck and success, it is placed on the right side of the white candle.

All candles must be placed on a stable surface — a table or floor. Then you should light every candle, starting with a white one, and read the words:

«My soul is like the flame of this candle.»

«My finances are growing, I’m getting richer.»

«My business is going uphill, I’m on top of the world.»

After reading these words, watch carefully how the lights of each candle are blazing, and then join them together to form one flame, and say:

“I am power. I am power. This power is in me and I am the winner. ”

Plot on a leaf

Autumn is the time of yellow leaves rustling underfoot. Another one of the most powerful conspiracies in September will help attract luck and wealth. You need to read it on the fallen leaf.

You need to go out in dry weather, pick up a yellow clean leaf and bring it into the house. At home, you need to take a piece of paper in your left hand and read the plot:

“As many leaves fall, so much money will come into my life. Let this little yellow leaf attract good luck. ”

Then you should put a piece of paper in a secluded place: for example, in a book. Good luck and financial well-being will not take long to wait if you do everything right.

Plot on apples

As you know, by September, apples are already ripe in the gardens. For the ritual you will need 20 apples that you need to pick yourself. If there are no apples in your own garden, you can buy them — this will not reduce the effectiveness of the conspiracy.

Fruits should be thoroughly washed and collected in one place, for example, in a bucket or in a pelvis. When everything is ready, place a container with the fruits next to you and read the words:

«The apples are red, Gifts of our efforts and strength! Bring to life my luck, success and profits. I charge you, let autumn give me so much money and luck, how many fruits of paradise grow on the apple tree. ”

Then eat one apple yourself, treat the others to your relatives and neighbors. Your generosity will only accelerate the process and help you gain success and financial well-being as soon as possible.

Autumn is an important period that is associated with an increase in energy power. In September of this year, these effective conspiracies will help you to increase wealth and find luck. We wish you happiness and success, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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