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Home magic: the best conspiracy for prosperity, well-being and love

Home magic: the best conspiracy for prosperity, well-being and love

Since ancient times, housewives have been engaged in home magic. They, as the keeper of the hearth, took into their own hands both the defense of the house, and the attraction of wealth and love into it. Simple, but effective ways are popular in our time.

A special kind of magic is tied to the energy of man and at home. As you know, every house is able to “accept” the owners, help them, protect the warmth and comfort of family relationships. However, in neglect of the house, negligent settlers are often rejected and in every possible way try to “survive” them. Everyone who does home magic will say with confidence that the main thing is to love the place where you live.

You need to understand and accept your home, take care of it.

It is often possible to hear strange for our time conversations of grandparents about how they yearn for their wooden houses, with which they could talk, run their hands over the logs and feel their warmth and “breath”. Modern stone constructions are very reluctant to respond to touch. However, many can say with confidence that there is a certain character in their apartment, house, cottage.

Home magic: make friends with your home

Try to feel what they want to tell your native walls. It’s better to do it all alone. Find a comfortable place and position, relax, close your eyes and let your thoughts flow freely.

After a while, you can intuitively feel what is missing in your home. The emotional background will change, and you will understand where to glue the wallpaper, and where to wipe the dust or put a vase with flowers. Open your eyes and look around: the subconscious will tell you what changes and permutations will be optimal for a comfortable life.

Use amulets that protect the house from any manifestation of negativity. Once you feel and understand these needs, proceed to the magical conspiracies.

Attracting wealth to the house: the best conspiracy

A strong and effective conspiracy will work better if you are confident in your abilities and desire to help yourself and your loved ones in achieving well-being. The goal that you set for yourself should be disinterested and aimed at helping. To carry out the ritual is after cleaning, when the house breathes purity and freshness, and in solitude.

In the evening, spread a clean white tablecloth or just a white cloth on the table (any). In the center place a glass filled with clean water to half. Prepare a handful of coins, silver and gold items (spoon, earring, chain — everything that exists). It is advisable to use aromatic oils and incenses that attract wealth.

Close your eyes and imagine what you will do when you have enough money. Remember about the house — you probably want something to change and update. As soon as the picture becomes bright, proceed to the plot. Carefully, so as not to splash water, throw coins into the glass and say:

“This is my clean house. And I’m in it. Mistress and keeper.

Trouble and sorrow steward. My strength is with me. In the shower of peace. I attract wealth, I wish only joy to my family.

I collect coins, put them in clean water. A coin for new things, another for food, a third for furniture, a fourth for health, a fifth for fun, a handful for home for comfort. Silver and gold, so that family life was rich. «

When the water in the glass rises to the brim, close it with a piece of white cloth and leave until morning. This water should be watered money tree or any flower that gives you the most joy. Drain the coins and put them into the wallets of your household.

We are talking about the welfare of the house

You will need spring or spring water. In winter, melt snow water is suitable. It must be poured into a clay or wooden container. Place the vessel on the table, and around place a lit candle, an empty bowl, a handful of earth on the cloth, a living plant.

These items symbolize the forces of nature that will help you achieve well-being through home magic. Conspiracy words should be pronounced slowly:

“The key water, given by nature, you feed the earth, giving birth to life. Your power is boundless. I ask you for your strength and prosperity for your family. The bright fire of the sun, you dispel the darkness of the night, give off heat and feed all life on earth.

I ask you for a drop of heat for the well-being of the family hearth. I create a new life, I give my family well-being. There will be only joy in my house — there is no place left for sadness and despondency. ”

Put a little wax from the candle into an empty container, pour the earth, plant the plant and pour spring water. So you create your own amulet that will attract well-being to your home.

We attract love with the help of home magic

This plot is considered one of the best. He does not require much effort, only faith and the desire to achieve the goal. Our ancestors used it, and its power is able to bring light and warm feelings into the house, tied to trust and understanding.

You will need the brightest memories associated with the family. Love for her husband, children, a sense of pride in the household, joint celebrations — everything that gives you pleasure. Indulge better memories alone. Love needs to materialize.

Choose yourself what you get: knitting, embroidery, weaving — all you can do with your own hands. Our grandmothers usually knit socks for each family member, weaving their love into patterns. Things made by your hands will be the best talismans and wards for the household. Do something that you can give to your near and dear people, sentencing at work:

“I entangle love in patterns, I leave a particle of myself. I will finish work, I will worship the house, I will smile at the Sun, I will agree with the Moon. They will guard my home and love in it. ”

In order to attract love to the house, you need to use the simple words of a strong conspiracy when you clean, wash the windows, cook:

“I bring cleanliness, I open the windows and doors. I attract love. In the house lure.

For sweet pastries, for a hearty lunch. My house does not know sorrows and troubles. Love will come, we will remain, curled up in a chair. ”

These rites are as simple as they are strong. Remember that your sincere care and desire to arrange life in the best way will definitely change life for the better. Home magic, ancestral covenants and signs will help you avoid trouble, and make the house a real fortress and bulwark for the family. We wish you prosperity and well-being, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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