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Good Luck Figures: Numeric Plots for All Occasions

Good Luck Figures: Numeric Plots for All Occasions

The numbers have a magical property to assist us in the most important moments of life. With the help of proven conspiracy you can succeed in business and personal relationships, attract good luck and avoid trouble.

There are situations when it is necessary to urgently do something. This may be related to financial or love affairs, a fateful decision, or a daily routine — luck will not interfere in any way. If there is such a moment in your life, and there is no place to wait for help, use the suggested numerical plots.

Deceleration plot

If in your life there are some events that you would like to slow down (whether it’s an unexpected child’s statement about wanting to live separately, or you are in a hurry with the decision to move), say to yourself: “Four. This figure is a stability and has the ability to slow down certain actions. Four is a kind of square, where all sides are equal, therefore slowdown and, as a result, time is provided to you.

Plot of addition

In case you need to increase something (money, useful connections), repeat to yourself: “Seven plus one”. A unit in this conspiracy means following to the goal and energy, and seven — the number of mysterious actions. Thus, you provide yourself the mood to increase the need for you.

This conspiracy can also be uttered with the words “eight plus one”, where the eight is a symbol of infinity.

Conspiracy of subtraction and change

Life sometimes requires change. When the moment comes, and you understand that you need to get rid of something (the number of envious people, excess weight), apply the verbal construction “ten minus one”, but be prepared for unexpected changes. Nine means change, so consider the possible consequences of such a conspiracy.

Recovery plot

Can not build a warm relationship, home, career? Everything is fixable. For these purposes there is also a numerical plot. Repeat: «Forty forty».

This mysterious phrase can magically increase your potential to infinity and help you cope with difficult situations.

We talk time

It happens that there are not enough literally minutes to complete something serious. You are late for work, do not have time to complete the project in the appointed time. At such moments, say to yourself: «Ninety one.»

Nine, the number of changes, and the unit, the fastest number, will help you achieve what you want. In addition, these figures cover the time cycle, being its beginning and end.

The magic values ​​of numbers more than once rescued people in difficult situations. They are present in our life since birth and affect not only the surrounding space, but also our character and destiny. So, with the help of your date of birth, you can find out your purpose and predisposition to a particular field of activity.

Each figure has a unique energy, and psychics and mediums often use this. So why don’t we take note of such simple solutions? Use your energy potential, willpower and do not be afraid to ask for help from the Universe. We wish you success in all your endeavors, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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